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AnyTrans 8 Helps Transition to iPhone 11 with Breeze

Unlock seamless Possibilities on your iPhone or Android devices with AnyTrans 8 manager. Experience the Breeze that goes with using the right application. AnyTrans8 helps optimize App navigation and iPhone 11, iOS, and Android functionality using the advanced technology and User Interface.


All-New AnyTrans 8 Helps Transition to iPhone 11 with Breeze


One more feature makes the AnyTrans 8 an exciting and exceptional addition to your i-Life experience. The ability to sync data across boards for Windows, Mac, and on iOS, iPhone, or Android devices is a priceless one. AnyTrans8 clearly gives you the lead with iPhone photos, Music, Personal Data, App control, Messaging App & document manipulation.

What’s AnyTrans 8?

AnyTrans 8 is the most recent version of iMobie’s AnyTrans application called the AnyTrans 8 or AnyTrans version 8.0. It is the newest and most advanced technology iPhone Manager application that helps iPhone or Android users manage their devices with ease.

AnyTrans 8 is today’s solution to iPhone functionality for transfer or backup of data. Therefore, when you need to stay on top of your game with social network activities, AnyTrans 8 keeps your data safe. Social Media on Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. sync perfectly with AnyTrans 8.

Stay abreast with video or audio recording, photo sessions – selfie, messaging, voice memo, Safari History, and more using AnyTrans 8. No content beats the smooth and ease of operations with data or file transfer using AnyTrans 8. Enjoy the speed of control and safety of data from the computer, to iPhone, iTunes, or iCloud using AnyTrans 8 advanced interactive suite anytime.

With AnyTrans 8, you are just one touch away from perfection!

New Features to Watch Out for in AnyTrans 8:

# User Interface:
Using careful research and analysis of industry trends and user needs, the AnyTrans 8 incorporates a more brilliant User Interface. With a single touch and ease of navigation, you can set things in motion managing content on your iPhone. The AnyTrans 8 redesigned UI sync well with other Apps. It is more intuitive and robust.

# AnyTrans 8 Phone Switcher:
AnyTrans 8 Phone Switcher offers a more reliable way to transfer data from an existing iPhone or Android device to even the most recent iPhone 11. The Phone Switcher uses an interactive platform with ease of understanding and operations to make everything appear so seamless. It’s a punch or swipe and navigates the process with AnyTrans 8 4x faster data transfer feature.

With the Phone Switcher interface, users can transfer data from one old Android or iPhone to the latest iPhone 11.

# Screen Mirroring:
Brilliant component incorporated in the AnyTrans version 8.0 allows a quick transfer of data using AnyTrans8 advanced screen mirroring technology.

Screen mirroring technology makes it possible to save time and effort by mirroring your screen device. You can now send data from your screen device to your PC using the Wi-Fi compatibility. Simply screen record or screen capture to see your data transferred to your PC from your iPhone or Android device seamlessly.

Activating the Free AirPlay to Computer with Screen Record feature on the AnyTrans 8, it is time to Airplay class lectures, videos, etc. Users can get a better experience, or enjoy High Definition Videos on their computer or big screen using the Airplay feature.

# Speedy upload and data transfer process:
Migrate data and back up files painlessly on your Android or iOS, iPhone application, iCloud, iTunes using the All-New, updated AnyTrans 8. What’s more? iCloud to Google Drive etc. works like Breeze on AnyTrans version 8.0. Guess what? AnyTrans download runs using an automated process; therefore, no manual download of apps in bits but bulk transfers of all data.

Help keep data safe. And when it’s time to delete applications it’s a 1 click to erase all data and protect your privacy.

7 Things That Makes AnyTrans 8 Phone Switcher Unique

  • Regular updates
  • Automated download of bulk files
  • Multiple OS compatibility
  • Retains all Apps during the transfer of data from one device to the other
  • 1 click data migration process
  • Advance privacy setting
  • Multiple device compatibility

Other Exciting Features of AnyTrans Application

AnyTrans comes packed with advanced technology-driven features to make your world a really smart one. Apart from the New Updates and features, other impressive features contained include:

# Ringtone Maker:
AnyTrans Ringtone maker is an excellent tool for creating impressive and personal ringtones for your iPhones. You can also choose from the list of songs in the iCloud or iTunes as your ringtone. AnyTrans Ringtone maker has multiple functionalities. The easy to customize feature gives you the freedom to drag and drop the file anywhere.
With the Ringtone keyword option, you can search using keywords, import songs from other devices and locations to create impressive ringtones.

Device Manager:
If you are a music, video, or photo-freak, then no need to lose your data anymore. AnyTrans device manager makes it easier to backup lovely and valuable moments or items to your PC. It also allows you to sync videos, audio, messages, photo, apps, and more to any device or app of interest with speed.

# Backup Manager:
Build a comprehensive list of files, documents, messages, audio or video files for full, incremental, or Air backup. When it is time to restore your data, AnyTrans will further keep you in business always.

# Social Messages Manager:
Keep your messages going live always. When it is time to sync messages or transfer to other locations, trust AnyTrans to move WhatsApp, Viber, etc. messages from iPhone to your PC. Messages sync and transfer seamlessly without losing any file.

AnyTrans Product Page   |  AnyTrans Download

User Guide:

How to transfer data from one iPhone to another iPhone

AnyTrans 8 is today’s solution to following the trend in your field or industry. It incorporates the tools that make business or pleasure seamless, interactive, and simple. Whether it involves creating a backup, transfer or erasing data and more, AnyTrans8 is the way to go.

What’s left to say, it doesn’t have to cost you any cash for a start. Let’s begin with downloading AnyTrans and commencing with the Free Trial today. And once you fall in love with what you get, then it’s time to make a little commitment.

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