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7 Best Apps Like Snapchat for Android & iOS

Snapchat is one of the communication applications that have grown tremendously in most app stores. Till date, the app still receives numerous downloads daily. So, what makes snap chat this popular? It does not only offer the chatting facility like other traditional chatting apps, but it offers a lot more than that. It makes it possible for users to send photos and videos.

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However, the snaps or videos are only live for some time, after which they will have vanished automatically from the receiver’s end. This is what makes snap chat unique by providing complete security and privacy.

There are several Snapchat alternatives which are available for iPhone and Android users. Here are the 7 best apps like Snapchat which offer unique chatting features to its users:

1. Burn Note

For: Android and iOS

Burn Note is an app that offers privacy just like Snapchat. It enables users to communicate to their friends securely, and their conversations are automatically deleted after some time. At this juncture, the chat is no longer available anywhere. The sender, however, is required to set timer settings so that as soon as the recipient opens the message, the timer starts automatically. However, the software does not allow sending of images and videos yet.

Burn Note’s Website claims that they do not have binary logging. This means that there are no standby servers. Therefore, there are no copies of the conversations either. The firm uses a storage engine that does not have journaling capabilities. It has an underlying file system that logs metadata but not the content of the notes themselves. It is also tough for recipients to quickly copy the contents of the conversation.

2. Wickr

For: Android and iOS

Wickr, which is pronounced as wicker, is an instant messenger that allows end-to-end encoded and volatile messages. Users can send texts, videos, files, and pictures. It is an alternative for snap chat since messages sent on wickr are self-destructive and vanish after a few minutes. You can also sned media files to your connections without leaving a trace. It also allows users to edit images and add filters to images before sending them. The developer company is based in San Fransisco, and it started in 2012 as simply a unique and engaging messenger. Those who have used this app claim that it is the most secure IM available. This is commendable, considering the recent increase in cyber-crimes.

3. Cyberdust

For: Android and iOS

Cyberdust is an extremely useful instant messenger that has amazing features. Apart from its ability to send self-destructive images, it also has other features that make it awesome. Apart from the images, you can also send stickers, URL’s, stickers, animations and GIFs, which will disappear after a few minutes. The app also allows users to pin sent messages so that they can remember the conversation. Cyberdust is also reliable when it comes to security since all media sent through it are encrypted to avoid unauthorized use. It notifies the sender in case the recipient takes a screenshot of the message. Also, one is allowed to send a message to multiple users through a feature called Blast message.

4. Yovo

For: Android

What makes this app preferred is that it overcomes the main shortcoming of snap chat. While on snap chat a user can screenshot your messages, and then you are notified that they tried doing so, this is not possible on yovo. In case a user attempts to take a screenshot of a message sent through Yovo, the screen becomes blurred, such that the screenshot becomes useless.

This technology is known as D-Fence. The technique was developed by Scott Richardson. This feature has made Yovo more secure and private to use. However, Yovo is not yet available for Android users.

5. Clipchat

For: iOS and Android

Clipchat is another app that works like snap chat, by enabling users to send self-vanishing photos with a simple-touch interface. It has an elegant interface and is much simpler as compared to snap chat and most of the other messaging apps. When you send a photo through clip chat, the image first appears blurred. When the recipient clicks on it, an animation effect appears, and the image can now be seen clearly. Though the default in snap chat is photo sharing, that of clip chat is video sharing. You will also be informed if the recipient tries to take a screenshot of your message.

6. Wiper

For: iOS and Android

One look at the Wiper surface may tempt you to assume that it is just like other messaging apps. However, a closer look at the top right will help you realize that it is more than that. There is a button that reads “wipe.” With the push of that button, the entire conversation will be deleted. Now, the good part is that it is not only deleted in your phone but in all other devices; that is, the recipient’s device.

An added step to the deletion is that wiper will also wipe off the contents from their serves. Just like in snap chat, you will also be alerted when another user takes a screenshot of your conversation. Also, it also allows users to search and share YouTube videos with other users.

 7. Slingshot

Not Available Anymore
For: iOS and Android

Slingshot is another instant messaging app that is an alternative to snapshot. Users are allowed to send temporary messages. The unique thing about slingshot is that one can respond to your friend’s media by creating your funky and cool videos or photos. After you click video or photo, you are offered two options. The first one is to reshoot in case you do not like the capture. The other is the draw which only means that you are cool with the outcome and ready to send it. It is awesome, and it works without any edges. Its interface is not fancy but rather quite simple.

There are numerous legit reasons why you want to have an off the record conversation. If you are looking forward to having more secure communications, you now know how to. For those who are thinking about leaving snap chat or just want to explore other options, these seven apps like Snapchat are worth trying out!

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