9 Best Bass Speakers for Home

It's hard to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy music. Especially during the times when you are forced to stay indoors, music comes as the best relaxation and reduces your stress levels. This article is going to help enhance your musical experience as we are going to talk about some of the best bass speakers for home in terms of quality as well as pricing. We have compiled these products based on the ratings that they have been receiving from the customers.

9 Best Bass Speakers for Home

We have also discussed about various drivers and speaker enclosure systems so that you don't get confused about which type to get. So, let's start! 

A Quick Look at Our Top 9 Picks

Before you take a look at the comparison  table below, you need to understand the differences between subwoofer, woofer and tweeter. I've explained the differences between them just below the table




Edifier S350DB

Subwoofer - 8 Inch

Woofer - 3 Inch
Tweeter - 1 Inch


Subwoofer - 12 Inch

Aiwa Exos-9

Subwoofer - 6.5 Inch

Woofer - 2.5 Inch
Tweeter - 1 Inch

Logitech Z537

Subwoofer - 5.25 Inch

Woofer - 2.5 Inch

Edifier S1000DB

Woofer - 5.5 Inch

Tweeter - 1 Inch

Swan M50W

Subwoofer - 6.5 Inch

Woofer - 3 Inch
Tweeter - 1 Inch

Sony SACS9

Subwoofer - 10 Inch

Logitech Z906

Subwoofer - 8 Inch

Woofers - 3 Inch

Klipsch R-51PM

Woofer - 5.25 Inch
Tweeter - 1 Inch

Difference Between Subwoofer, Woofer and Tweeter

A Subwoofer only outputs the low end of the audio AKA bass. A woofer will mostly output the mid but also a good amount of bass and some high. A tweeter on the other hand will only output the high end of the audio spectrum.  Sometimes there will be Subwoofer, woofer and tweeter in the same enclosure and sometimes they will be separate depending on make and model. 

Should You Get a Subwoofer or Full Range Speaker?

There are basically two types of bass speakers that you can get. One is a sub-woofer and the other one is full ranged. A sub-woofer will only output bass or the low end and you will need some other speakers to play the mid and high sounds, such as a soundbar or bookshelf speakers. 

On the other hand the full range speaker will have separate drivers for bass, mid and high all in one or two enclosures. If you already have some kind of bookshelf, floor standing or center channel speakers then you probably just need a sub-woofer to add more bass to the system. 

9 Best Bass Speakers for Home Reviewed

Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker

This speaker from Edifier is equipped with many fascinating features. It comes with the titanium dome tweeters and an 8 inch subwoofer. This helps with the massive booming sound that will keep you engaged throughout. This full range speaker system also very easy to start with. 

The side panel controls allow you to take full control of the audio. The three knobs that are available in the side are for bass, treble and volume. You will know the system is on by just checking the power light. The 8-inch subwoofer will enhance your satisfaction of music experience with its amazing delivery for the deep lows.

The subwoofer, when activated, outputs an audio quality which will please your ears. The songs or movies come to life if you activate the subwoofer. Talking about the subwoofer, it has an enhanced side panel bass reflex port, and this will enhance your acoustic experience to next level.

It supports for all sorts of bass sounds and makes it a promising choice for the music lovers. You will enjoy, especially the deep rumbling lows in the songs and movies. The S350DB speaker has an option to control volume or playback in wireless mode. You can even switch it on or off using the same feature.

The switch between inputs as well as controls is handy with the wireless remote. Hence it allows for customized connectivity across your home. It has a warranty period of 2 years.

BIC America F12 Speaker

The BIC America speaker has been designed, keeping in mind the choices of movie theater sound engineers. So, if you are looking for some real-time theatrical experience, this should be your obvious choice.

The sound clarity from this product is said to be extraordinary, right from the softest whisper to the high sound levels. The drivers are designed to provide high clarity and work through a dynamic range. The 12-inch subwoofer functions to provide an unparalleled audio experience. It comes with a BASH designed amp along with a molded long throw woofer.

The port noise is taken care of by the specially designed patented BIC “Venturi”. This will enhance the audio delivery. This series comes with the legacy of the first Formula series that came in 1973. The latest series offers a refinement that surpasses all of its predecessors.

The crossover and volume have adjustable controls and there is a provision of automatic signal sensing. It is compatible with both the Dolby Pro Logic as well as the Dolby Digital/DTS as the speaker has the inputs for both. The speaker, though voluminous, looks classy and attractive.

The materials used for its construction are durable, and have a black laminate finishing. You can remove the mesh grille if wanted, allowing for displaying the black-trimmed cone. It comes with a warranty period of 5 years.

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Aiwa portable speaker has an amazing audio delivery capability with deep bass. The trebles are crisp, and the mids are well-balanced. It comes with five drivers along with a 6.5 inch dual voice coil subwoofer. The audio is distorted even at high volumes, giving a guaranteed acoustic experience that you long for.

The next important feature to note here is the extremely long battery life. Being wireless, you need not have to worry about the battery getting drained, as it lasts upto 9 hours without a need to charge in between. The speaker comes along with the quick-swap Lithium Ion battery pack.

So this will be a promising option for those of you looking for speakers to be used during outdoor activities, camps, backyards, beaches, so on. The speaker is compatible across various OS like iOS or Android and can be easily connected across a wide range of gadgets. You can instantly connect the speaker with any device like iPad, iPhone, Windows devices, Mac, PC.

This is possible with the aptX and A2DP support feature. There are 4 available pre-set options that you can use to optimize the audio output, and you can even fine tune the EQ that will suit your taste. The EQ is customizable and makes it a favorable option for any genre of song or audiobooks.

The product comes with a 60 day risk-free satisfaction guarantee along with the 2 year warranty period.

Logitech Z537 Speaker

This is yet another wireless product that comes with a powerful 2.1 speaker system. It consists of two satellite speakers and is designed to seamlessly stream the audio from any of the wireless enabled gadgets such as tablet, smartphone or a PC. The peak power is 120 W and you can experience a deep booming bass with adjustable features.

The speaker can also be used in wired mode with a 3.5 mm and RCA inputs. The drivers provide a full range acoustic output and help in propagating the sound throughout the room, yet maintaining the balanced delivery of audio output. The front-facing subwoofer with its dynamic bass provides a living experience of your videos, songs and games.

You can always adjust the bass with the control knob provided at the back of the subwoofer. The controls are simple and easy to access with this speaker. Bluetooth pairing, volume, power, everything is available at proximity to the user.

The very advantage with this speaker is the flexibility it provides to the users while shifting between various audio sources. You need not have to disconnect or pair it again while you want to switch from one device to another.

This eliminates the hassles of switching the audio sources manually, when he/she wants to listen from another device while the speaker is streaming from the originally connected device.

Edifier S1000DB aptX Audio Speaker

The S1000DB is a highly advanced aptX audio speaker streaming high quality sound with very minimum loss. The codec feature allows the audio to be compressed while not losing any audio data. It’s attractive in design, yet is simple and user-friendly.

The Bluetooth chipset is aptX enabled (aptX Bluetooth 4.0) and this helps in enhanced audio quality. It also reduces the latency issues, and provides versatility across various genres. The provision of RCA, AUX, optical, coaxial inputs at the back panel facilitates the connection of multiple sources of audio at the same time.

 You can set the treble and bass along with the volume to suit your hearing needs. It comes with an additional 16 foot connecting cable. It is coupled with the DSP technology to produce a quality audio output.

The remote control gives you an option to switch between various audio sources that are connected to the speaker (both wired as well as wireless). This product from Edifier is said to be of premium quality and feature compared to other Edifier speakers.

If you are looking for a speaker for your gaming needs in addition to your normal usages, this will very much satisfy your goals of mind blowing gaming experience. It promises to provide an outstanding performance across the range. The product comes with a 2 year warranty period.

Swan Speaker - M50W Speaker System

The M50W comes with the 2.1 speaker system aptly designed for both in room as well as near field purposes. It has a classy structure with walnut finish. It is designed for high-quality audio playback and achieves the same with the two-way front speakers. 

It has an independent subwoofer channel that takes care of the bass and treble. The speaker comes with the hard-dome tweeter that takes care of the high-frequency resolution. In addition, it is also equipped to handle the midrange, which means the speaker comes with all the three types of driver, providing a smooth and textured sound.

The subwoofer driver has a long-stroke design, and this helps in a large dynamic output with a low distorted signal. It is capable of creating a low frequency sound that can be felt by the listeners. The flared port tubes in the subwoofer helps in reducing the wind noises. This ensures an uninterrupted low frequency sound. The control dial provides a convenient operation of the speaker. You can find a colored ring at the center of the control dial.

If you want to mute the speaker, you will have to press it lightly at the top, and this will turn the color ring to red. This indicates that the speaker is on mute. If you want the speaker to resume back, just press the dial again and it will turn back to the original color. The speaker is very much suitable to be used with PC, XBOX360, iPod, CD, DVD, and high-fidelity music system and game systems.

Sony SACS9 Subwoofer

The SACS9 comes with an amplified subwoofer to provide a thumping bass. The specially designed cone diaphragm in the driver moves a large volume of air, and this produces powerful resonance. This in turn gives a rich bass and an everlasting acoustic experience.

Compared to other speakers that use paper cones, the SACS9 uses MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) fibre woofers that are rigid and don't deteriorate over time. They are capable of holding shape even under high speed and pressure. This allows you to drive the bass much harder, without compensating on the audio quality.

The built-in amplifier in the subwoofer attributes to the powerful bass sound. The electrical circuits that are prone to vibrations are situated outside the cabinet. This allows for high pressure release within the enclosure, thereby delivering a clear-cut.

As we understand, the vibrations in the cabinet need to be suppressed for a tight and accurate bass. So the vibrations are tackled in two ways - 1. Damping the vibrations within the cabinet 2. By acoustically absorbing waves generated from the unit’s rear pressure.

The appearance of the speaker is as attractive as its features. It has black finish and compliments for any interior. The wood veneer is designed such that it retains its shape and stands against changes in temperature or humidity. It's compact and allows for easy placement. This subwoofer can be easily installed even in congested spots.

Logitech Z906 5.1 digital surround

This powerful speaker from Logitech comes with a 5.1 digital surround sound system. This means that you can hear every detail of the sound with more clarity. It is equipped with features to decode Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks. The THX certified speakers bring the essence of true cinematic experience to your home. They are wall mountable and can be placed as per your convenience.

The powerful system with 1000 W peak gives an assurance on rich and thunderous bass. You can have an unparalleled experience that gives details right from the roaring noises of the crowd to the slight footsteps. It delivers a crystal-clear high frequency tone and a rich mids with a deep bass.

It comes with the provision to connect with multiple audio sources at a time. The product provides a versatility across various devices, right from analog to digital. You can connect upto 6 devices, including PC, music player, game console, and so on and the remote control is an infrared model.

You can instantly customize the surround sound with the easy sound controls. The wireless remote and compactly placed controls helps you with that. Your hearing experience can be further refined with the selection of 2.1, 4.1 or 3D surround sound.

You can selectively control the volume of each satellite speaker, subwoofer, and can access the power and mute all, either from the control panel, or through wireless remote control.

Klipsch R-51PM Speaker System

The R-51PM comes with a powerful speaker system with a custom-engineered built-in amplifier. It has an integrated USB input, analog RCA, wireless technology and digital optical, that you don't need a A/V receiver separately. It is compatible and goes well with a wide range of devices such as TV, PC, cell phone, etc.

The Klipsch speakers dynamically match the ear’s natural ability of hearing lower frequency sound. This gives the best acoustic experience you desire for. The dynamic bass EQ will contribute to an incredible acoustic experience. The ultra-low noise amplifiers eliminate the need of external amplification. It also helps in the improved system performance.

The system is self-equipped to handle the entire signal path without the need of external devices. The Tractrix Horn technology is exclusive for this product and it ensures that the highs are aimed at the hearing person. It helps in reducing the artificial reverb or filerings caused by echoing of sounds from the room walls. This gives the best dynamics and details of your movies or songs.

The Linear Travel Suspension tweeter helps in minimizing the distortion for an enhanced output. It uses Kapton, a very light yet rigid material for the tweeter suspension, and this gives high efficiency and resolution. The appearance is sleek with low profile magnetic grilles and the scratch-resistant wood grain vinyl provides a polished finish. It is expandable as you can expand the system by adding a subwoofer for extra bass.

Bass Speaker Buying Guide

Now that you know which Bass Speakers are worth your investment, there are some essential features that you must focus on while purchasing your unit. In our review, we made sure that we gave extra attention to these features.

1. Driver - The driver in a speaker helps in translating the electrical signals into sound signals. The three types of drivers that produce different types of sound are woofer, tweeter and midrange. These drivers help in producing a better sound quality from the speaker. Woofers and tweeters complement each other to bring an optimal sound quality for the listeners. Crossover is another circuit that you should be knowing about. It assigns the frequency range appropriate to the intended driver.

2. Power (Watt) - This is one important parameter that you may have to check while choosing a speaker. The power range values will be given on the product description. The lower range value denotes the minimum watts required, and the higher range value denotes the maximum watts the speaker can handle. You will have to choose a speaker such that it can handle the maximum output power of your receiver. Please remember that feeding more power to a speaker than its actual capacity can damage it.

3. Wireless Capability - One of the features that is expected from any recent electronic gadget is the wireless capability. It offers greater flexibility for the user. The technology like AirPlay, Bluetooth and WiFi can be used for the reception of audio waves from the source device. The placement of the speakers also becomes easy with this feature.

4. Durability - While choosing a speaker, the materials out of which it is made has to be taken into account. It needs to be light in weight for easy portability, while still maintaining a good sound quality so as to handle the distortions. The use of high quality materials in the design of speakers ensures better audio outputs. If you plan to use your speakers for outdoor activities such as camps, pool parties, make sure to choose a water-resistant model.

5. Price - A good news about speakers is that they are available at a wide range of prices. You have vast options to choose from that will rightly match your budget. Some products are available at nominal prices and quality, but if you are very particular about quality, you do have options for that too. Spending some extra dollars for a premium quality speaker-you will not regret as the acoustic experience it is to offer will be unparalleled.

Final Words

When you have ample amount of choices in hand, it is natural to get confused about which one to choose and which one to ignore. The best way is to first understand the features, note which of them will be suitable for your surroundings, and make the decision accordingly. So going by that, we hope this article might be useful for you to make the right choice, in case you are looking for a good bass speaker for your home. Best wishes for reaching the right product you deserve.

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