8 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

In the current world where technology has evolved so much, nobody should be asking what Bluetooth headphones are. In fact, the question should be what type of Bluetooth headphones should you acquire? With so many manufacturers releasing headphones with more advanced features almost daily, it can be very difficult to pick the right pair for you.

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

If anything, you might go to a store looking for one particular type of headset only for you to come out with a totally different one. We understand that choosing the best Bluetooth headphone can be a headache. That is why we, through this article, have taken it upon ourselves to review the top 8 best headphones that are affordable currently on the market.

A Quick Look at The 8 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100 Bucks

Factors to Consider When Buying Bluetooth Headphones

Before reviewing the best affordable Bluetooth headphones on the market currently, you must know what the basic features of any Bluetooth headphones. In as much as you are looking for affordability, the following factors also come into play:

1. Comfort and Fit - It would be a very sad story if you concentrated on affordability and forgot about comfort and fit when looking for a Bluetooth headphone. When looking for a headphone, consider a pair that suits your lifestyle. When manufacturers manufacture these items today, they have a specific target group. These can be athletes, students and other professionals. Different types of headphones are available that suit all the lifestyles. The headphones should also fit your head perfectly to avoid falling off while on your daily activities.

2. The Price of the Bluetooth Headphone - As aforementioned, you do not have to go out of your financial way to get the perfect headphones. If anything, many manufacturers are today producing quality products while at the same time keeping their prices low in a bid to attract customers their way. Of course if you opt for the big brands such as Sony you may find gadgets that sell for as much as $400. However, many other cost effective ones are available costing $100 and below as you will later see in this review.

3. Sound Quality - The fact that you are looking for a cost effective headphone does not mean that you can settle for a pair with poor sound quality. Opt for one that has noise cancelling, ability the sound is clear and has all the effects of a basic sound system.

4. Battery Life - Battery life is one of the most crucial things to look for when buying bluetooth headphones. As a rule of thumb, anything above 6 hours of battery life is a good starting point. Some of the bluetooth headphones specializes in battery life providing more than 30 hours of battery life. 

5. Additional Features - When looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones to purchase, considering its additional features is a wise idea as well. These additional features may include Bluetooth versions, fitting designs, waterproof features and the Bluetooth profiles present. The battery life of headphone is also another factor to consider. These features will go a long way in enhancing your music listening experience and overall prestige.

Review of The Best 8 Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

If affordability is your biggest issue, we are happy to inform you several Bluetooth headphones worth under $100 that you can purchase. Here are some of the top 8 ones:

1. COWIN E7 Bluetooth Headphone

COWIN E7 Bluetooth Headphone

The COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphone is one of the cheapest that you can find on the market today. Coming from the reputable COWIN Company, the headset has some amazing features that allow it to rank amongst the best. The COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphone is very famous because of its noise cancelling abilities. With this gadget, you can continue listening to your music, even in the noisiest of surroundings.

It also has a feature that allows it to filter the needed sound from unnecessary noise thereby underlining the uniqueness of this headset once again. When the first Bluetooth headphones were released into the market, many people questioned their abilities to provide other features such as a microphone.

However, the COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphone is one proof that this is possible. The product has built-in microphone and Hi-Fi deep base making it ideal for listening to music. With a full recharge, the COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphone can give you over 30 hours of playtime. This is so much more as compared to other similar products. With longer playing time, it is possible that you can for a long journey knowing that you have a companion.

Apart from the mentioned features, this Bluetooth headset has some additional features such as being wireless, lightweight and very comfortable to carry around. You do not get with most headphones of this caliber. The COWIN E7 Bluetooth headset is definitely one to consider, especially if you are on a budget.

2. Skullcandy Hesh 3 Bluetooth Headphone

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Bluetooth Headphone

This wireless Skullcandy Hesh 3 bluetooth headphone from Skullcandy, Inc is another affordable but high quality pair of headphones that you can acquire. The Hesh 3 is the successor of the legendary Hesh 2 that was insanely popular. Skullcandy headphones usually take the market by a storm especially because of their amazing features.

The headphones can run for 22 hours straight when fully charged. But the impressive part is it can run 4 hours with just 10 minutes of charging, thank to fast charging technology. The product embraces the rapid charge technology. The main aim of purchasing a Bluetooth headphone in the first place is to boost your comfort levels. That is exactly what this headphone does with its easy to adjust pivots, lightweight design and memory foam ear cushions.

No matter what you are listening to, this headphone will always find a way of giving you high quality sound. The headphone has 40mm audio drivers therefore; it is not a surprise that it can produce such high quality sound. Other additional features of this headphone include the fact that it is easy to use and has high quality cables for better connections. This product is best for you if you are after comfort.

3. Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headphone

Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headphone

If you are looking for a Bluetooth headphone that will serve you for as long as possible, look no further than the Avantree wireless Bluetooth headphone. From the Avantree Company, this device can play music for up to 40 hours. This is by far much better than other similar commodities. If you like singing, this headphone can help you go about it through its inbuilt high quality microphones.

With its dual mode, it is very easy to operate the device. With it you are also sure of high-quality Hi-fi sound. It is very easy to carry this Bluetooth headphone around because of its light weight. When you place it on your ears, you will feel the firm pad grip that further underlines how comfortable this headphone is.

Regardless of its price, this Bluetooth headphone offers what other expensive devices cannot. For instance, it has aptX low latency that ensures that there is no delay when lip-syncing. Its wired dual mode also puts it up a place above most similar headphones. There is no doubt that the Avantree Wireless Bluetooth Headphones has one of the strongest and quality batteries. 40 hrs of play is not something that you can easily brush off.

4. TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphone

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphone

From the reputable TaoTronics company comes this amazing Bluetooth Headphones with noise cancellation microphone. One of the things that the manufacturer of this product focused on is giving it features that will give you maximum comfort. The headphones have ear cups that swivel at 90 degrees, super soft ear pads and ergonomic headband. Also, the materials used in the construction of this device are very comfortable.

With a single charge, you can listen to up to 25 hours of music on this device. When you are near a power source and your battery is running low, you can simply plug in the power cable and recharge it while you continue to listen to your music through an audio cord.

Receive calls hassle-free with this Bluetooth device with a noise cancellation feature. Even in a louder surrounding, you can still hear your caller taking thereby allowing free flowing communication. The feature also allows you to feel the beat perfectly and enjoy your song.

5. COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Bluetooth Headphone

COWIN E7 PRO [2018 Upgraded] Bluetooth Headphone

This is an advanced version of the COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphones. Looking at its features, you will tell that its features are far above what normal Bluetooth headphones have to offer. If you are type who travels a lot, make many calls or work in extreme environments, the noise reduction feature will help you a lot.

With the advanced feature, you can listen to your music or make your calls in places that have high noise levels such as airplanes cabins, city traffics and other public places. The sound that this Bluetooth headphone produces is not comparable to any other. From 75dB to 85dB, the COWIN E7 Pro Active headphone gives you very powerful and clear sounds. The main aim of this product is to provide more than just sound quality.

These Bluetooth headphones have upgraded soft ear cushions that make the device extremely comfortable. The cushions also make the headphones very durable not to mention the fact that most it allows you to listen and enjoy high quality sound. Other features of this device include high battery life and a built-in microphone that makes communication easier. If anything, any product from the COWIN Company has a reputation of providing high quality.

6. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Headphone

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Headphone

With this product, Skullcandy, Inc focused on giving it elevated audio experience. The sound produced by this device is simply aesthetic and complete with supreme sound. You will love this headphone because of its battery life. With a full charge, you can listen to music and make calls for up to 12 hours. Additionally, it has a backup cable and a remote control just in case the need arises.

If you fancy loud music, this Bluetooth headphone might interest you. The device has 50mm drivers that provide refreshingly loud and clear playback as you go about your daily activities. When you play any genre of song from this device, you will be sure to get the effects that you need.

These Bluetooth headphones allow for easy sharing of files with other Bluetooth enabled devices. This saves you the trouble of having to switch through different devices to access your files. Making phone and receiving calls with this device is also easy. Additionally, this headphone has some of the most comfortable materials for its making. They are long lasting and with their noise cancelling effect, they make communication very easy.

7. AUSDOM ANC8 Bluetooth Headphone

AUSDOM ANC8 Bluetooth Headphone

If you are the type of person who travel by air most of the time, these pairs of headphones will suit your needs greatly. The AUSDOM ANC8 Bluetooth headphone has noise cancelling effects that allow you to receive or make your calls even when the airplane’s engines are roaring. By simply flipping the switch of your device, all the other sounds will disappear. This puts you in a good position to communicate effectively.

The adjustable over-ear headphones have both wired and wireless functions. This allows you to switch through the two modes conveniently depending on your situation. What is more is that this Bluetooth headphone is compatible with other Bluetooth devices, making the sharing of files easier. This technology is only limited to devices such as these therefore putting them a place higher than the traditional Bluetooth devices.

With these headphones, you have the guarantee of comfort from wherever you are. To break it down for you, you can wear these headphones for several hours without feeling a single sign of headache or any sort of pain for that matter. The manufacturer of this device took time to create it using comfortable materials and fitting to almost everybody.

With a single recharge of this device’s battery, you can listen to music for up to 20 hours. Today, getting a Bluetooth headphone that guarantees such amount of extended airplay is very hard. With its one-year warranty, you have every right to consider the headphones the next time you are out shopping.

8. Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphone

Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphone

These are other suitable and affordable Bluetooth headphones for airplanes. They come with airplane adapters and auxiliary cables, making them fit for long distance travels. Most people consider this a perfect gift for their loved ones, especially because of its many advanced features.

The fact that you can use this pair of Bluetooth headphones in an airplane shows that it has noise cancelling effects. When you are about to receive a call or make one, the device automatically cancels all the surrounding sounds therefore giving you ample time to communicate effectively.

To enhance convenience, this Bluetooth headphone comes with its own carrying case. The cases are travel friendly and very secure so you do not have to worry about a thing.

​In addition to those, this pair of headphones is rechargeable, and foldable. This makes them very convenient not to mention the comfort that it has to offer.

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Final Words

When looking for a Bluetooth headphone, you do not have to break the bank. If anything, many manufacturers have produced high quality devices and are selling them at affordable prices. When looking for a Bluetooth headphone to purchase, price is not the only factor to consider. You will have to include factors such as sound quality, portability and advanced features of the headset. This article has previewed the best 8 affordable Bluetooth headphones that you can get on the market today. However, you are not limited to any of these and you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. The bottom line is you should look at the products key features before signing up for anything to avoid disappointments.