7 Best Bluetooth Speakers With Lights

Bluetooth speakers gained popularity very quickly because of their convenience in every aspect. But the innovation never stopped and some of them are now equipped with LED lights that sync with the music and give the listener a visual pleasure too. These new innovative speakers provide additional aesthetic value without compromising the audio quality.

Best Bluetooth Speakers With Lights

However, there are many models of bluetooth speakers in the market that come with LED or RGB lights and you must be clear on which one to acquire. This review, thus, takes care of all the groundwork for you.

A Quick Look at The 7 Best Bluetooth Speakers With Led Lights

What to look for when buying Bluetooth Speakers with Led

When shopping for a Bluetooth Speaker it’s essential to consider the following features:

1. Sound Quality - The worst decision you can make is shopping for a lackluster sounding Bluetooth speaker. What you receive is a basic sound with little stereo or bass to accompany it. Whether you spend more time indoor or outdoor, you deserve the best sound quality that goes with the right speaker. A great Bluetooth speaker should have adequate bass with balanced high and mid.

Most speakers will have a reasonable level of harmonic distortion best at below 1%. The frequency will impact sound quality. The wattage will determine how loud the audio will go. I did say 20W is a good start, but a few speakers can go up to 200W now a days. A decent 40mm driver at the full range is all you need to enjoy the excellent sound quality. The driver helps regulate the sound quality of your Bluetooth.

2. Battery Life - The longer the battery life, the more exciting the music you can produce. Some Bluetooth speakers battery has extended playtime of up to 24 hours. At least 8 hours of battery juice should be the starting point. If you intend spending more time outdoors, you don’t want to run out of juice too soon. Also, remember the more activities or louder the volume, the more battery consumption will occur. 

3. Portability - Bluetooth speakers come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. But the underlying principle is to look for speakers that are classy, durable, and easy to move around. However, please note that the larger ones might give you more audio quality and battery life. But those small cylinders or conical shaped sizes offer impressive sound quality.

The speaker should be light-weighted, attractive, and easy to carry. By now, you may purchase version 4.0 or even 5.0 Bluetooth speakers. They carry more data enhancement capabilities than the lower versions 2.1. That can allow you to do more on the go.

4. Price - Quality speakers do not have to put holes in your pocket. You can get quality sound, stylish looks at an affordable rate. Please, remember the lowest price does not also always mean a good deal. There is a sweet spot where quality and affordability meet and that's your goal. 

5. Durability - Water and electronics don’t go together. Consider the Bluetooth speakers with waterproof capability. An IPX rating of 5 is a good starting point. Some speakers might be submersible; therefore, no worries about water or moisture. In all, the speaker should be able to withstand harsh weather. Having a standard Micro USB port and the auxiliary connector marked as ‘Aux-in’ will come in handy in today’s world. 

Review of The 7 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

Now that you know about the things you need to look for when buying Bluetooth Speakers with Led Lights, it's time for the actual reviews. I hope it will be much easier for you to choose one afterwards. 

JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth (Black)

JBL Pulse 3 offers almost everything in one Bluetooth speaker that makes it a very popular choice. What you get is ergonomic design, portability, great aesthetics, water-resistant, and an exciting array of RGB lighting. The IPX7 JBL signature cloth shows it is top-grade with waterproof features.

Several features make the Pulse 3 the ideal Bluetooth speaker for both indoor and outdoor events. The IPX7 waterproofing, 12-hour battery life, JBL Connect+, echo, and noise-canceling feature. They all help to ensure you get the best sound and aesthetic value outdoor.

You can customize the light sequence to sync with the JBL Connect app. At last, it is an exciting music and play experience. JBL has a tradition of creating durable, sturdy, and physically appealing products. And the JBL Pulse 3 fits the description. The only drawback is that we could make do with over 12 hours of battery life.

Soundcore Flare Wireless Speaker by Anker

Anker finally outdoes itself with the Soundcore flare wireless speaker. The new model gives you more impressive designs, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, and an all-round 360° sound. At 12 hours of battery life; however, you can only enjoy about 5.5 hours of juice with audio and light running at the same time.

What makes it one of the best out there is because it’s an improved version. Anker’s portable Bluetooth speaker offers high-end features and at mid-range rates. Its intense neodymium drivers enhance the bass and audio frequencies. Coupled with the LED, five customizable Bluetooth speakers light mode, you can create the perfect musical atmosphere.

Therefore, you can now enjoy the best vibes on the go! The hi-tech, Super-safe IP67 water resistance device takes care of spills, rain, and dust. Another plus is that this speaker can completely submerge in water. For a high-tech wireless Bluetooth speaker of this class, you enjoy a multi-device compatible technology.

 Feel free to sync the speaker with iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptops, PC, Chromebook, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. With Anker’s Soundcore Bluetooth speakers, you can connect at least two flare speakers wirelessly. The micro USB and 3.5mm units allow you to connect hard-wiring devices like the Amazon Echo. Now, you can experience the impressive sound and light displays to create your favorite mood.

DOSS SoundBox Pro+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Make impressive pulsating light shows to accompany brilliant sound quality with the Doss Soundbox. The SoundBox Pro by DOSS has everything required to make it one of the best choice for you. It has full-range drivers and 24W sound with it rubberized casing. Soundbox Pro gives you an incredible range of highs, mid and lows with the booming bass and stereo sound.

You experience excitement when the beat-driven party light blends with the sound to light up your environment. Be free to take your groove outdoors, maybe to the poolside. Like a tactical flashlight, the IPX5 waterproof feature of the DOSS Soundbox will keep you worry free while using it near water. 

At a range of 66ft from the device, the wireless Bluetooth device can help connect at least 2 SoundBox Pro seamlessly. The only perk is with the limited battery life at 15 hours, 50% without light. It means at full blast, using light and sound, you get less than 6 hours juice of playtime.

JBL Partybox 300AM

JBL created this as one for a great party feel. The life of any party is in quality music. With as low as 100Hz, you get topnotch bass to keep you in the party mood. Now, interlacing great sound with JBL full panel lighting effects sets the standards high. JBL Partybox 300AM helps make things upbeat a bit. So, you can sync your guitar and Mic. and get a taste of real music. 

It’s time to be the life of the party! Experience JBL’s quality audio with expressive lighting effects. You get one of the most impressive battery life at 10,000mAh capacity. That means you get up to 18 hours of uninterrupted power. At the full capacity of light and sound, you end up with as least 8-9 hours of juice to play.

JBL TWS features also give you the option of connecting from multiple devices. Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop can help you play lovely renditions anywhere, anytime. Connect with ease using Bluetooth or USB stick. And if you must get things heated the more, connect two PartyBox speakers using Bluetooth.

DOSS SoundBox Pro (Upgraded)

SoundBox Pro wireless Bluetooth speaker by DOSS gives you an upgrade to earlier SoundBox versions. It, however, offers you the same exciting 20W stereo sound features as before. The two-full range drivers plus dual passive radiators will ensure audio quality remains strong (3% interference). You get topnotch audio sound on low, mid and highs.

SoundBox Pro wireless Bluetooth speaker by DOSS gives you an upgrade to earlier SoundBox versions. It, however, offers you the same exciting 20W stereo sound features as before. The two-full range drivers plus dual passive radiators will ensure audio quality remains strong (3% interference). You get topnotch audio sound on low, mid and highs.

The show is not over yet! DOSS upgraded SoundBox Pro lets you connect using Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Therefore, you can walk around at a distance of 66 feet from the device while experiencing exciting sound. Additional support includes the Aux-In for Hardwire connections, TF card, and more. But you can connect 2 SoundBox Pro to get your 3600 stereos using this single device.

 And if you want more done, you can sync with the SoundBox Pro Amazon Echo Dot. However, the choice of a 12 hours battery life for the DOSS upgrade SoundBox Pro is a letdown. At full-blast, you can only enjoy about 5.5 hours of uninterrupted power. It uses IPX5 waterproof and can withstand moist of a splash of water.

Sony GTKXB90 High Power Bluetooth Speaker

Sony always keeps up with the technology game. Now it’s the GTKXB90 Bluetooth speaker so that you can party hard. GTKXB90 offers unprecedented audio and lighting punch-lines, controlled using the Sony-music center app. The Music equalizer makes listening to HIP-HOP, Pop, EDM, R n B, country, Salsa, Flat, and Jazz music a blast.

You can have more out of your laptop, tablet, and PC using the GTKXB90 NFC to connect multi-devices. Make Karaoke nights more fun by using a dynamic Mic. plugged into the mic level knob. With extra bass power, Sony GTKXB90 renders excellent sound. When playing only music, you get an average of 12 of the 16 hours of battery power.

However, running all features, higher volumes, and the lighting will give you about 4.5 hours play at full capacity. It has an impressive and ergonomic casing, three tweeters, and two subwoofers. The Infinity mirrors by the LED lights bounce the light back and forth to heighten the fun. 

Sony GTKXB90 allows you to sync up to 10 speakers so you can have a real party outdoors. If you download the Sony Fiestable app, then you get to experience the best of the LED light. The app allows you to customize the light and make a color selection.

VOCH’s Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

VOCH’s Night light Bluetooth speaker offers a combination of exciting features for music lovers. Its subwoofer renders excellent sound at low, mid, and high to suit any occasion. The six-colors LED light themes further stress the speaker’s value by beautifying your environment. 

You can change the lights with a simple touch as it uses the top sensors. The light can also double as a bedtime lamp for reading. With the light and music timer functions, you can best regulate usage and save battery juice. Other enjoyable Night light Bluetooth features include the hands-free function for calls.

The device has a TF card slot for storage and an FM radio unit. It can sync with multiple devices in and outdoors just so you can get the party started. Running on a 2000mAh battery at half the volume and no lights give you up to 10 hours of power. That means you can only get about 4.5 hours of battery power at full functionality.

Final Words

If you seek a music box and decor item or on-budget Bluetooth light speaker, then this review fits it perfectly. But if you have a more flexible budget, you can get more groove in with the mid or high-end Bluetooth speakers. That way, you enjoy great sound, more illumination, increased aesthetics, and innovative designs.

Whatever lighting and music Bluetooth speaker you select, you have just the right tool for a Karaoke night. But if you want to keep things nice and calm, you get not just an impressive music box but to enhance your living space. Enjoy your purchase!

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