7 Best Car Speakers For Bass And Sound Quality

If you want to drive around in your car listening to your favorite tunes, you must invest in a car speaker with impeccable bass and sound quality. However, in most cases the pre-installed speakers in your car won't live up to your expectations. A quick search on the internet and you'll be bombarded with car speakers of various shapes, sizes, and features, and it’s not an easy task picking the best one for your needs.

Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality

You don’t have to look any further, here is our list of the best car speakers for bass, as well as sound quality in 2020.

A Quick Look at The Top 7 Picks





Size - 6.5 inch

Max Watt - 270

Kicker 43DSC69304

Size - 6x9 inch

Max Watt - 360

Rockford P1650

Size - 6.5 inch

Max Watt - 110


Size - 6.5 inch

Max Watt - 180

Rockford Fosgate P1683

Size - 6x8 inch

Max Watt - 130

Kicker 43DSC504

Size - 5.25 inch

Max Watt - 200

Pioneer TS-A1680F

Size - 6.5 inch

Max Watt - 180

7 Best Car Speakers For Bass And Sound Quality Reviewed

JBL GTO609C 6.5 Inch Component Car Speaker System
  • Features carbon-injected cones with plus one technology
  • The mounting system offers flexible mounting options
  • Adjustable tweeter volume
  • Skill dome tweeters

JBL is an infamous brand, and with the JBL GTO609C 6.5 Inch Component Car Speaker System, they offer a premium option with fantastic bass and sound quality. This speaker system supports an impedance of 3 ohms, which might not be the most impressive, but it certainly delivers on performance. The sound quality is great, and we found the imaging much better than what other competitors are offering. This unit's RMS power handling range begins from 5 watts and reaches an impressive 90 watts. These speakers from JBL also covers an extensive frequency response range within the limit of 53-21kHz.

The stand out feature of this unit is the carbon-injected cone speakers, which offer a greater surface area and displace more air than speakers in their class size, enhancing the bass and sound quality. They also come with UniPivot tweeters allowing you to direct the sound wherever you want it. Thanks to the I-mount system, you can effortlessly mount them in various positions. The affordable price tag further sweetens the deal for the JBL GTO609C 6.5 Inch Component Car Speaker System. However, if you want to get the maximum sound level, you'll need an additional amp.

Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series Coaxial Car Speakers
  • 3-way car speakers
  • Supports a frequency range of 30-20K Hz
  • Features UHF tweeters
  • Compact and thin profile
  • Comes with acoustic foam surround

The Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series Coaxial Car Speakers are a fantastic combination of design, affordability, and sound quality. The first thing you'll notice about these speakers is their thin profile with zero or minimal tweeter protrusion offering clean highs. They are very lightweight but robustly built. In our testing, we found them very easy to mount, and you can easily fit it into any 6x9 area regardless of whether you own a truck, car, or any other vehicle. The installation process is also super easy, and it took us just 10 minutes to start listening to some tunes.

These speakers from Kicker is rated to run on 90-watt RMS power and can handle a peak power of 360 watts. In our testing, we were impressed by the high-quality of bass, which is quite rare for car speakers. Additionally, with a sensitivity of 92dB, these speakers from Kicker can operate smoothly without the need for additional amplification. The sound quality is further enhanced due to the polypropylene cone featuring EVC technology. On the downside, we wish the treble was a little higher. Other than that, this is a solid unit for your car.

Rockford P1650 Full Range Speakers
  • 2-way full-range speakers
  • Stamp-cast aluminum frame
  • Features FlexFit 2 mounting for easy and versatile mounting options
  • Comes with injection-molded cone
  • Integrated crossover for easy installation

If you want a loud volume output with thumping bass, the Rockford P1650 Full Range Speakers is an excellent choice. These speakers from Rockford are excellently designed with durable materials and is a fantastic upgrade to your stock car speakers. Featuring an injection-molded polypropylene cone with santoprene rubber surround, the Rockford P1650 Full Range Speakers provide outstanding bass quality. Regardless of how heavy the bass gets, the ¾ inches PEI dome tweeters offer clear highs for well-balanced sound output. Even if you don't use an amplifier, the sound quality won’t disappoint you.

Other than the excellent sound quality, the Flex Fit2 basket design, which utilizes slots on the speaker baskets outer edge, offers extensive installation coverage making the Rockford P1650 Full Range Speakers compatible with most vehicles. The installation process is also very simple, and it took us barely 10 minutes to get this unit ready. On the power front, this unit features an 88dB sensitivity and can handle an RMS power of 55 watts. The only drawback of this unit is that it doesn't feature 3-way technology.

JBL GTO629 CO-Axial Speakers
  • Comes with carbon injected cones with Plus One technology
  • Features dual tweeter volume adjustment
  • Carbon-composite non-magnetic frame
  • Features low impedance three-ohm speakers

If durability is a major asset for you, you can’t go wrong with the JBL GTO629 CO-Axial Speakers. Constructed with a carbon-composite and non-magnetic frame, this unit is very well-built and will survive even the harshest of conditions. Thanks to the carbon injected cone, this unit displaces more air than other speakers in their class, resulting in more bass. It also comes with a pivoting tweeter allowing you to aim sound in any direction you want. In our testing, this unit produced a clear and crisp sound regardless of its position.

The low impedance 3-ohm of the JBL GTO629 CO-Axial Speakers prevents the connecting wires from disturbing the sound. If you want, you can use undersized wires without compromising the sound output. This unit also comes with grilles for protection. We found them easy to install, and this unit supports a mounting dept of 2 inches and a cut-out diameter of 5-1/16 inches. However, since this speaker is a one-size-fit-all model, you'll have to thoroughly examine the space in your car to ensure that it fits properly.

Rockford Fosgate P1683 Full Range Speakers
  • 3-way full-range speakers
  • Supports a sensitivity of 90dB
  • Peak power of 130 watts
  • Comes with PEI dome tweeter with built-in crossover

These full-range speakers from Rockford come with lots of features, which will certainly be a huge upgrade to your stock car speakers. Featuring an injection-molded with butyl rubber surround and a PEI dome tweeter, this unit produces crisp and clear sound, and we were particularly impressed by how heavy the bass was. With an impressive peak power of 130 watts, this unit has enough volume to satisfy most music lovers' needs. It also features a sensitivity of 90db and an extensive frequency response range of 65Hz-24kHz.

This unit also features the FlexFit basket design, which allows you to easily and quickly adjust the position of your speaker. Additionally, thanks to the built-in concealed crossover, you don't have to mount any black boxes making the installation process quick and effortless. This unit operates from 15-25 watts from the head unit and doesn't lose any bass and vocals; however, the mid could have been better. For the price tag, this speaker from Rockford is a solid investment.

Kicker 43DSC504 Car Audio Coaxial Speakers
  • 2-way speaker system
  • Features cone made with rigid polypropylene material
  • Supports peak power of 400 watts
  • Comes with PEI tweeter technology

The Kicker 43DSC504 Car Audio Coaxial Speakers will give you plenty of reasons to replace your stock car speakers. Despite the affordable price tag, this unit features 5.25-inch woofers constructed with the same premium quality polypropylene cone, which is generally available in more expensive units from the brand. They are rigid and will certainly last for years. With a slim frame and zero protrusion tweeter, you'll have no problem fitting these speakers into most automobiles. Each of the speakers supports an impressive 200 watts providing sufficient sound output for most audiophiles.

With an excellent sensitivity of 90dB, the speaker has a great volume, and sound quality is crisp and clear even on the highest of settings with minimal distortion. To stand out from the rest, the Kicker 43DSC504 Car Audio Coaxial Speakers features large voice coils and other cooling methods. Additionally, this unit also comes with mounting hardware and grilles for extra protection. On the downside, we noticed in our testing that the treble tends to overshadow the mids, which might not be desirable for some audiophiles.

Pioneer TS-A1680F Coaxial Car Speakers
  • 4-way car speakers
  • Supports peak power of 350 watts
  • Comes with PET dome tweeter
  • Features elastic polymer surround material

Pioneer is a well-known brand in the car audio equipment industry, and with the TS-A1680F, Pioneer has produced another excellent product. These 4-way speakers come with 40 watts RMS rating and peak power of 175 watts per speaker, ensuring impeccable sound reproduction. To further enhance the sound quality, this unit also features Open & Smooth sound technology, which supports a smooth transition between high frequency and mid-range driver for well-balanced sound output.

One of the best features of this unit is the carbon and mica injected cone, which produces heavy bass. Additionally, the addition of a new magnetic circuit and symmetrical voice coil enriches the bass and minimizes distortion. Featuring 1mm PET dome tweeters, the highs are loud, crisp, and clean. The installation process is also seamless thanks to the 6-1/2 inches multi-fit installation adapters that not only increase flexibility but also enhance acoustic performance. The only drawback of this unit is that they are not waterproof, which might turn off some customers. Other than this, this is a great pick as well.

Car Speaker Buying Guide

If you want to find the best speaker for your car, there are some critical features you need to keep in mind when you purchase your unit.

1. Power Handling (RMS/Max Watts) - This indicates your speaker's capabilities of handling power without causing any damage. If you subject your speakers to more power than it can handle, it'll get damaged. Speakers have two power ratings of RMS and peak, which are measured in watts. You must pay attention to RMS and not peak power as RMS indicates how powerful the speaker will be. If you have a low powered stereo, your car stereo should have a 2-50 watts RMS.

2. Impedance - Impedance refers to resistance and is measured in ohms. This is another important feature that you must look out for. If a speaker comes with low impedance, more current will be able to pass through the unit and vice versa. It's important to note that your speaker must not have low or high impedance. If it has low impedance, it'll exert too much load on your speaker. If the impedance is too high, it'll lead to the low flow of power and eventually low volume. Your speaker must have an optimum impedance.

3. Size - The size of the speaker is another critical feature. You have to find out what kind of speakers you’ll be replacing. One way would be to remove your stock car speakers and measure them. Additionally, many shops that deal with car speakers can look into the configuration and size of your cars built-in stereo system. Generally, you should have no problems buying new speakers to fit into your existing car speaker receptacles.

4. Types - You'll also have to decide what type of speaker you want to upgrade to. When it comes to sound quality, component speakers are the best but are far more expensive. On the other hand, coaxial or full-range speakers are easy to install and are more affordable options. If you want a DIY installation, coaxial speakers are a better choice. If you want the best sound quality, go for component speakers. If your budget doesn’t allow it, coaxial speakers will do just fine.

5. Price - Car speakers are available at various price points. If you want high tech sound systems, they can be really expensive. However, you can find simple replacement speakers with cheap price tags. It comes down to what you want from your speakers. Try to get the most features in your budget, but it’s important to remember that pricier units don’t always translate to quality. The units mentioned in this list are the best in their respective price category.

Final Words

All the units reviewed made it to the list after intense research, use, and testing. They are all great units, and you won’t be disappointed with any of them. If we had to pick a favorite, the JBL GTO609C 6.5 Inch Component Car Speaker System takes the top prize. With a durable built, premium features, and great bass and sound quality, this unit is on a league of its own. If you have a limited budget, the Kicker 43DSC504 Car Audio Coaxial Speakers comes with an affordable price tag without compromising the quality.

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