7 Best Center Channel Speakers Under 200

You get ready to settle in to watch your favorite movie or song, turn it up full blast only to discover that the sound isn't all that great even after adjusting the proper settings. While this may not always be the case, but it very well may have happened before. Whether you have an older system that is in need of an upgrade or simply reconverting a current system into the ultimate entertainment center, you may just need a center channel speaker.

Center Channel Speaker in Home

If you have been looking for the perfect center channel speaker to boost your home audio, then look no further. We have researched and put together a list of the top 7 center channel speakers under 200 that are currently in the market.

A Quick Look at The Best Center Speakers Under $200





Klipsch Reference

5.25 Inch

1 Inch

Polk Audio TL2

3.25 Inch

0.75 Inch

Sony SSCS8

4 Inch

1 Inch

Yamaha NS-C210

3.15 Inch

0.87 Inch

JBL Studio

6.5 Inch

1 Inch

Pioneer SP

4 Inch

1 Inch

Polk Audio CS10

5.25 Inch

1 Inch

Things to Consider When Buying Center Speakers

1. Budget - Considering the fact that you get what you pay for, spending the right amount of money for a high-quality product is essential to make this type of a purchase. Center channel speakers are usually not expensive. Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere between a hundred dollars to two hundred dollars depending on brand and retailer.

2. Size/Style - One major factor to consider when purchasing a center channel speaker is the size of the other speakers surrounding the room. They should match each other without being an eyesore. A good school of thought is to couple a small center channel speaker with smaller speakers. And a larger center channel speaker with larger surrounding speakers.

3. Sound Quality - Rather you are setting up a simple system or something more elaborate, the overall quality of sound coming from the speakers is of the utmost importance. Mixed with the fact that all speakers must be able to coincide with various amplifiers and specific electronic measurements (such as ohms) a speaker measuring in at around 6 - 8 ohms is within the right ballpark for something as elaborate as a home theater system.

4. Usage - Another factor that should be considered when in the market to purchase a center channel speaker is in which way will the speaker be used. While most center channel speakers are typically designed and meant for gaming, movies, and music other known uses exist. It is possible to connect an entire home theater system up to a center channel speaker, however, setting up a simple system is also easily done.

5. Power - Measured in ohms and decibels, center channel speakers are capable of producing about the same amount of the typical everyday stereo speaker. The exact measurements are dependent upon the size of the speakers and the amp you will be using to power them. 

The 7 Best Center Channel Speakers Under 200

Now that you know about the things you need to look for when buying a center channel speaker, it's time for the actual reviews. This should make your buying decision a lot easier.

1. Klipsch Reference R-25C Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch is very well known for their superb quality audio equipments and this center channel speaker is no difference. It has been designed to fit nicely on the bookshelf, especially one that is located directly below the TV. The R-25C center channel speaker comes with two 5.25-inch woofers that include copper spun wiring in addition to the 1-inch horn loaded tweeter constructed purely from aluminum. 

Overall, the futures of the R-25C are numerous starting with its clean crisp produce sound that is able to provide well over 50% of all produced audio. This makes any movie or song to life through the linear travel suspension technology that has been built into the system. Additionally, the R-25C center channel speaker provides multiple options for amping up to multiple home theater devices thus providing versatility along with a high-quality product.

Furthermore, the R-25C delivers natural sound that not only makes music sound more clear than ever but also does the same for spoken word as well as lyrics. While the entire speaker cabinet' s exterior has been brushed with black polymer veneer the speaker's performance with a powerful sound that has very little room for distortion in addition to low-frequency outputs

Although the R-25C is ideal for medium to large sized rooms measuring at 7" x 19" x 7", pairing the R-25C with nearly any other compatible speaker will provide even better sound thus providing for an even better listening experience. One final feature worth mentioning on the R-25C is the Tractrix horn that has been built-in to further expand the range in which sound is delivered.

2. Polk Audio TL2 Speaker Center Channel

While the Polk audio TL2 center channel speaker does appear to be relatively small in its overall size, but the performance is not in any way. Measuring at approximately 4" x 17" x 4", the Polk audio TL 2 is designed to provide clear and powerful sound.  Its overall design incorporates thinner resources and materials that include three-quarter inch tweeters constructed from silk dome material that helps providing clear and crisp sound. 

The speaker itself is small, yet sturdy enough, to have the flexibility to be hung from the ceiling or wall with its built in tool quarter inch by 20-inch inserts. These inserts are capable of housing nearly all external hardware. The Polk audio TL 2 speaker comes with two specific forms of technology that aids in providing as clear and as powerful of a sound as possible.

One of them is B time lens technology that provides a balance of treble and bass. And the other one is its dynamic talent striver technology which bolsters the overall balance of produce sound. Additional features represented on the Polk audio TL 2 center channel speaker include the power port technology design to reduce the amount of your turbulence as well as its capability to further reduce the loss of base output for ranges on up to 3 dB.

Ultimately, the Polk audio TL 2 center channel speaker would make a great addition to any type of entertainment system or set up. Rather you're looking for a simple entertainment set up that includes a couple devices or a more elaborate system such as a home theater system complete with surround sound the Polk audio TL 2 is an excellent choice.

3. Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3 Driver Center Speaker

Designed to be the center of a more simple home theater system setup, the Sony SSCS8 isn't as fancy as many of the other center channel speaker options available on the market today. While the sound is considered as good for the SSCS8's size the overall design has been built to operate at a 6-ohm measurement.

Additionally, the SSCS8 operates at 145 W of maximum power and is compatible to be paired with additional speakers that produce a similar power level. The SSCS8 itself measures in at an approximated 20" x 11" x 9" and weighs approximately 10 pounds. Because the SSCS8 is considered to be a center channel speaker it's ideal placement is at the center of the action, although the speaker can really be placed in any optimal location throughout any given room.

Additionally, the SSCS8 features 3 speakers throughout its cabinet casing through which the bass operates as well as its 2-way capability that allows for further versatility when it comes to placement and pairing additional speakers and devices. Another speaker featured in the SSCS8 is the reinforced woofer that is built-in using 4" foam mica

Finally, the SSCS8 runs at an approximated 6 - 8-ohm level yet the sound is considered to be quite clear and natural despite its capability to provide additional technologies that provide additional power, balance, and the reduction of distortion as it pertains to bass. Overall, the SSCS8 appears to be a fairly good center channel speaker that offers a simplistic design and clear sound. While the SSCS8 is without souped up technologies and resources that provide even clearer sounding performance the speaker does offer up a certain versatility that allows pairing to additional speakers.

4. Yamaha NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker

Measuring approximately 5" x 13" x 4", the Yamaha NS center channel speaker features a speaker cabinet that fits horizontally on any bookshelf and has been constructed with materials that aid in shaping its slim design set to match nearly all flatscreen TVs. Although the NS model does not feature a built-in magnetic shielding system the Yamaha NS is capable of operating anywhere between 40 - 120 W.

Additionally, the Yamaha NS takes 6 ohms and has a frequency response between 65 Hz and 45 kHz thus producing a powerful and clear sound that matches the capabilities of what high definition has come to be defined as. Some of the key features built into the Yamaha NS center channel speaker include the use of lightweight aluminum material for the cone-shaped woofers in addition to the balance domed tweeter measuring and at 7/8".

Furthermore, why the overall design is considered to be elegant the Yamaha NS center channel speaker features a slim design that goes with nearly any interior and can easily be placed virtually anywhere. Whereas other center channel speaker models tend to focus on loading speaker systems with a variety of differentiated technology the Yamaha keeps things clear, and simple.

It does that by incorporating a to a base reflects center speaker and designing the entire system in a way that allows it to produce the most dynamic sound available from all sources (especially those that are HD compatible). Overall, the Yamaha NS center channel speaker makes for an excellent option thanks to its versatility in placement, excellent sound quality, and ability to fit in nearly any basic living environment.

5. JBL Studio 235C Dual 6.5-Inch 2-Way Center Channel 

Experience precision through sharp and crisp sound produced by the JBL Studio 235C that is measured in approximate 30" x 16" x 12". The JBL studio 235C offers a system that operates on a 91 dB and 8ohm specification. Additionally, it's frequency response comes in at 55 Hz to 22 kHz and its operating wattage comes in between 20 and 150.

Ultimately, the JBL studio 235C is slightly built larger than other center channel speaker models, however, features a sleek yet functional design. Considered to be simple and elegant without the need to go over the top with its featured technologies the JBL studio 235C features a high definition imaging system that allows the JBL studio 235C to recognize where sound needs to be projected to and from. Additionally, the polyplas drivers are the driving force behind an accurate and powerful operation that delivers crisp and clear sound at a moments notice.

While the overall consensus of the JBL studio 235C is that it can be heard from anywhere as it pertains to placement the JBL studio 235C does also feature a one close quote high-frequency driver which allows the speaker to provide the crystal-clear variance of high-pitched sounds.

Overall, the JBL studio 235C makes for an excellent addition to any upgraded sound system or implementation to any home theater system thanks solely to the speaker's ability to provide consistently clear sound that is equivalent to that of a cinematic movie offered in movie theaters. Moreover, it's technological specifications (as a pertains to sound) and seamlessly integrated natural balance makes the JBL studio 235C the perfect solution to all sound system needs.

6. Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Designed Speaker

Measuring an approximate 9" x 18" x 7", the Pioneer SP-C22 is considered to be at the top of the list when it comes to center channel speakers. Designed by Andrew Jones, a world-renowned engineer, the Pioneer SP–C22 is a center channel speaker that is capable of producing sound at a highly accurate rate. Overall, the system consists of a 1" dome-shaped tweeter, 6 element crossovers.

They have been engineered to blend sounds accurately between the woofer and tweeter and powers through its 90 W range. Additionally, the Pioneer SP-C22 is capable of standing wave reduction thanks to the curve shape in the cabinet design. Moreover, the Pioneer SP–C22 includes high-frequency responses no matter the volume level in addition to a high-quality base response system.

Overall, the Pioneer SP-C22 provides crystal-clear sound all wrapped in a wooden cabinet casing that leaves standing sound waves limited to the amount of sound it produces. Additionally, the Pioneer SP–C22 provides the perfect amount sound that makes movies come to life via their sound effects and dialogue clearer than ever.

When it comes to the placement of the Pioneer SP–C22 it is ideal to restrict the speaker's placement to the floor as it will not fit on a bookshelf or entertainment center. With a sound that puts nearly any other speaker model to shame the Pioneer SP-C22 is slightly advanced in terms of it being the perfect solution for simple setups or elaborate expansions. However, no matter the case the Pioneer SP-C22 is simple to setup and easily incorporated rather paired to a single device or an entire home theater system.

Measuring an approximated 10" x 20" x 6.5", the Polk Audio CS10 is capable of operating in a range of 20 - hundred and 20 W and has a frequency response of 53 Hz to 25 kHz. While this translates to a 91 dB level the overall sound produced by the Polk Audio CS10 center channel speaker is considered to be fairly good in comparison to some of the lesser known speakers that aren't as well manufactured.

When it comes to the overall features built in and represented on the Polk Audio CS10 center channel speaker the first thing that is noticed is that contemporary look of the wooden speaker cabinet that is available in either cherry or black finish. Additionally featured all the to 5.25" cone woofers that are constructed completely from by laminate organic fiber and (along with that) a thin 1–inch of silk polymer composite. In terms of the mechanics and built-in specs included in and around the Polk Audio CS10 is the dome-shaped tweeter that features dynamic balance as well as a magnetic shield that allows the speaker to be safely placed next to other electronic devices without the devices experiencing interference

Furthermore, when it comes to placement the Polk Audio CS10 is capable of being placed easily beneath a television. Overall, it has been determined that the Polk Audio CS10 is a center channel speaker that produces fairly good sound given that is capable of operating at a wattage of 20- 125 W and is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized rooms. Ultimately, the Polk Audio CS10 is a good choice for small upgrades or replacements made to the basic home theater system.

Final Words

In conclusion, the center channel speaker is an audio speaker type that is measured smaller than standalone speakers and is traditionally placed at the center of all the entertainment action. Rather playing a song or watching your favorite movie or TV show center channel speakers are capable of producing the best quality of sound via its varied technologies that allow for balanced and natural sound that can be delivered at its sharpest level all the while minimizing the negative effects such as base distortion.

Typically center channel speakers are not only easy to set up but can also be easily paired with other speaker brands and models, however, factors to consider when preparing to purchase a center channel speaker include not only overall costs but also what type of power and wattage you're looking for, the size and style, the sound quality, and even the usage of the speaker. That said, overall center channel speakers typically have a good standing among the audiophile community yet some are far better than others given the integration of various technologies implemented into the system

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