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Top 15 Best Free Email Service Providers

E-mail is a very important thing for the Internet users. As a matter of fact, almost everyone that has access to the Internet has an e-mail account. You need it for plenty of things like communicating, sending and receiving money, registering in various websites and many other things. While there are some e-mail services that you could pay for, but why pay for something when you can get better alternatives for free? Yeah, no point of doing that.

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There are plenty of companies out there that offer you free e-mail accounts. The following are top 15 best email service providers that offer free email service with loads of features.

1. Gmail

The most prominent and known e-mail provider. This service is owned by Google as the name suggests. It is also one of the most easiest e-mail accounts to get. If you have a Google account, then most likely you have a Gmail account. It is also the highest ranking e-mail account among all of the free e-mail accounts that are available.

Among the features you get for a Gmail account with 15 Gigabytes of storage that can be used as Google Drive as well, Chat, simple interface, and above all, it is very user friendly.

2. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail is another popular e-mail service provider. It is very easy to use as well as safe. You get a lot of storage for your e-mails. Among the features that Yahoo Mail offers is an HTML editor and a spam filter for you to be better able to know what e-mails are important. If you have a Yahoo account, the it is very likely that you also have a Yahoo Mail account.

3. GMX

GMX is another free e-mail service provider that is worth looking into. It offers unlimited storage for your e-mails. It is completely free. It is also easy to access from anywhere. The service providers offer spam and virus protection for the user. It is user friendly and has a very simple interface that makes it easy for you to access your emails. The e-mails are displayed on one continuous page instead of broken up into multiple pages.

4. FastMail

FastMail is another email service that has a good reputation, especially as it relates to its interface. There are a few ads so that it doesn’t get in the way of your viewing of e-mails. It is very easy to sign up for and has a very friendly user interface.

5. Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail is another prominent e-mail service provider. It offers a large amount of storage capacity for your email account. The amount of service available is 5 GB. However, they are adding available service as time goes on. The developers have equipped it with IMAP and Pop protocols which makes it accessible from anywhere with the use of e-mail software. It also has a very simple interface which makes easy to access. You also have a lot of security for spam and viruses. Windows Live Hotmail has started off under the name of MSN Hotmail.

6. Zoho Mail 

Another very good free email service with unlimited storage and lots of features like calendar, notes, instant chat and task manager. It also comes with POP 3 and IMAP access. Zoho is aimed at professional users to help them organize mails and identify important ones easily.

7. AOL Mail

Developed by AOL, another prominent e-mail service provider. It doesn’t have as many features for productivity. It also has slightly less storage than GMail and Yahoo Mail, but it does have a large amount of available storage at 2 GB. You also get effective protection against junk and viruses as well as a simple interface and the ability to access your mail from anywhere with the use of IMAP and POP.


With, you are offer 2 GB of storage with a free e-mail account. It is also offering quick access. You are also offered quick access to personal folders as well as your e-mails. This is actually a simple type of service for users that are looking for free email to get started with.

9. Goowy mail

Goowy mail is based on the desktop. The interface is pretty quick and there are some productivity features. Like other e-mail accounts, it makes it easier for the user to access their e-mail. Give it a try, you will love it.

10. My Way Mail

My Way Mail is an e-mail service that allows you to determine how you want your e-mail. However, it does not have all that many special features that some of the other e-mail service providers have.

11. Care 2 E-mail

This is a unique service in that when you sign up for an e-mail account, you have a choice of what organization you can donate it to. This is some unique e-mail service that works to preserve the environment along with the services it provides.

12. Lycos Mail

There are barely any features with Lycos other than spam protection. As a matter of fact, the protection it provides from spam is the best feature of any e-mail service provider. If there was a choice between the quality of spam protection this service offers and other features, the spam protection that Lycos mail offers is worth all of the features.

13. Juno Mail

Juno Mail is one service that is worth looking into. It offers unlimited storage for your e-mail and a good spam filter. The only downside is that you have to keep accessing your account every now and then. If you go a while without accessing your account for any reason, your e-mail account will be considered inactive and they will put a hold on it.

14. MySpace Mail

Created as an extension for MySpace, this e-mail service will not only help you access your MySpace account, it can also hold e-mails for you. You can also share with other users of MySpace that you are connected to along with other network. You also get unlimited storage for e-mail.

15 has a some good DNS servers. It also offers unlimited storage. The only downside is that there is no basic security. Therefore, you are not protected from any potential problems that may occur any time.

These are some of the best email services that you can look into. Some of them do not offer unlimited storage for free. In many cases, you can sign up for a free service and eventually upgrade if you are interested. With an upgrade, you have access to more features and better protection. There are plenty of other e-mail services available on the Internet. Some of them may actually be better than what is listed here.

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