The Best Monitors For PS5 Under 300

Must-Have Gaming Monitors For The Upcoming PS5

With the launch of the PS5 in November 2020, you'll surely want to invest in a solid monitor to take your gaming experience to the next level. The market is flooded with numerous monitors with tall claims, but very few actually deliver. But the good news is you don't have the break the bank to get a good monitor for your gaming console. 

We have put together an expert list for the best gaming monitors for PS5 under 300 dollars. We've also included a buying guide so that you'll know exactly what features to look for when you purchase your unit.

A Quick Look at Our Top Picks




Samsung UE570

Size - 29 Inch

Resolution - 4k

Refresh Rate - 60hz

Sceptre E248B-FPT168

Size - 24 Inch

Resolution - 1080p

Refresh Rate - 144hz

BenQ EL2870U

Size - 28 Inch

Resolution - 4k

Refresh Rate - 60hz

Asus VG278QR

Size - 27 Inch

Resolution - 1080p

Refresh Rate - 144hz

Samsung UR590C

Size - 32 Inch

Resolution - 4k

Refresh Rate - 60hz

High Refresh Rate 1080p vs Low Refresh Rate 4k 

PS5 increased the frame limit to 120 FPS, which means getting a high refresh rate monitor makes sense now. At 1080p resolution, there are tons of monitors with super high refresh rate from 75hz to all the 240hz! and most of them are very affordable. 

But there is a trade off when you move to high resolution at 4k. Most 4k monitors that are affordable will have 60hz refresh rate which is still pretty good for gaming. So, the decision you have to make is if you want high refresh rate or high resolution.

If you are a casual gamer and use your console for watching movies and TV shows as well, a 4k monitor is a better option. If you are buying a monitor only for gaming, then a high refresh rate 1080p monitor will make more sense. 

But how about 1440p? Well, PS5 does not support 1440p which is a bummer because there are a lot of really good 1440p monitors out there. But let's not cry about what we can't have and be happy with the options that we do have. 

We have a more detailed buying guide below where we talk about more stuff like what screen size should you get, what panel type is better etc.

7 Best Monitors For PS5 Under $300

Samsung UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor
  • 4K UHD Resolution of 3840x2160
  • Comes with eye saver mode to reduce blue light emissions
  • 1 billion color support
  • 1ms response time enables smooth gaming experience

Samsung is one of the most reputed brands, and the UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor is certainly another excellent offering. The unit comes in a T-shaped stand, and with the sleek matte look, it's surely a stunner and will blend in with any room setting.

Featuring a 3840x2160 4K UHD resolution, this monitor delivered crisp and vibrant images. In our testing, we were particularly impressed by the shadow detail and color output. It also produces bright images even in well-lit room settings thanks to the 370-nits peak luminance.

The UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor can connect with multiple Ultra HD devices, and with a refresh rate of 60hz and a 1ms response time, it can handle even the most demanding games with ease. This monitor effectively removes motion blur, trailing, and ghosting while playing fast-paced games, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

We also love that this gaming monitor comes with an 'eye saver' mode, which is certainly beneficial for gamers who spend long hours staring at the screen. Add to that the affordable price tag, the UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor, is one of the best monitors for PS5. However, you can't adjust the monitor height, which might put off some customers, but we don't think it's a big deal.

Sceptre IPS 24 Inch Gaming Monitor
  • 1080p resolution gaming monitor
  • Features an edgeless design for immersive viewing
  • Supports a refresh rate of up to 165Hz
  • Comes with a blue light shift to reduce eye strain

The Sceptre IPS 24 Inch Gaming Monitor is another excellent choice for gamers. Unlike other chunky monitors, this unit from Sceptre is attractive thanks to its edgeless design and a v-shaped stand.

It has a 1080p gaming resolution, which isn't the highest but, in our testing, we didn't notice any shortcomings as it delivered realistic color reproduction with great viewing angles. The Sceptre IPS 24 Inch Gaming Monitor is VESA wall-mountable making installation a breeze, and it will save you a lot of space in your room as well.

Gamers would also love the fact that it comes with AMD FreeSync significantly reducing stuttering and tearing even with fast-paced games. One of the stand out features of this unit its impressive refresh rate of 165Hz, ensuring a smooth gaming experience even with the most intensive games.

It also comes with a blue light shift, which will reduce the strain on your eyes from the monitor so that you can enjoy your games for long hours. However, the built-in speakers left us wanting more as the audio quality was sub-par. Other than that, gamers will have nothing to complain about.

BenQ EL2870U 4K Gaming Monitor
  • 3840x2160 4K UHD gaming monitor
  • Screen size of 28 inches
  • Comes with AMD FreeSync
  • 1ms GTG response time

The BenQ EL2870U 4K Gaming Monitor comes with a wide 28-inch screen with a resolution of 3840x2160. In our testing, the viewing angles were excellent, and color reproduction was punchy, vibrant, and life-like. It has a simple design and is very well-built, we have no doubt that it'll last for a long time.

The back of the unit features four VESA mount holes for wall mounting options. Despite its affordable price tag, this unit supports AMD FreeSync, and we didn't notice any tearing or stuttering even when we played fast-motion games.

In addition to the color temperature, sharpness, contrast and brightness settings, the BenQ EL2870U 4K Gaming Monitor provides 10 picture modes including User Defined, M-book, Low Blue Light, sRGB, Photo, REC. 709, Cinema HDR, HDR, and Standard.

The Low Blue Light Setting is particularly useful if you like playing for long hours. With an impressive GTG response time of 1ms, this gaming monitor handles intensive games without any lag or ghosting. A drawback of the BenQ EL2870U 4K Gaming Monitor is that the stand doesn't have any pivot, swivel or height adjustment.

Asus VG278QR 27 Inch Gaming Monitor
  • 27-inch screen size gaming monitor
  • Full HD resolution of 1920x1080
  • ELMB technology for reducing motion blur and ghosting
  • Comes with 2W speakers

The gaming-centric design of the Asus VG278QR 27 Inch Gaming Monitor is sure to woo many gamers. Thanks to the 5-way OSD navigation joystick, it's super easy to adjust the screen settings. It also features a one of a kind air vent design, which makes the unit run with minimal noise. We also found it very well-built, it’s certainly long-lasting. The Asus VG278QR 27 Inch Gaming Monitor features a 1980x1080 resolution, and in our testing, we were impressed by the color accuracy. Unlike other units, this gaming monitor also comes with an adjustable stand, and its very simple to install it as well.

Thanks to the FreeSync technology, we didn't notice any tearing or stuttering, and overall gameplay was very smooth and seamless. This unit from Asus also supports GameFast input technology, which significantly reduces input lag so that you'll be able to enjoy fast-motion games without any problems. It also comes with numerous pre-set display modes so that you can optimize the visuals per your gaming requirements. The Asus VG278QR 27 Inch Gaming Monitor is also fitted with Flicker-Free technology to reduce eye strain from long hours of gameplay. However, the volume from the speakers is quite low, and you'll have to purchase other speakers if you want to enjoy clear sounds.

Samsung UR590C UHD 4K Gaming Monitor
  • 4K UHD 32-inch screen size gaming monitor
  • 1500R curved display for immersive gaming
  • Comes with game mode
  • Features a refresh rate of 60Hz

If screen size is important to you, the Samsung UR590C UHD 4K Gaming Monitor will be a top choice. It comes with a massive 32-inch display with a pixel density of 3840x2160, producing vibrant and realistic colors. For a more immersive gaming experience, this gaming monitor also comes with a 1500R curved display. Thanks to the curvature and matte screen, the Samsung UR590C UHD 4K Gaming Monitor has a fantastic contrast ratio, and the glare is almost non-existent, which is quite rare at this price point. With a bezel-less screen and a super slim profile, this unit is stunning and will seamlessly blend into any room setting.

The Samsung UR590C UHD 4K Gaming Monitor also features a 'Game Mode' that instantly optimizes image contrast while playing games. It does a great job of revealing details in darker areas, which will be advantageous for competitive players. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is standard, and, in our testing, it handled most games but struggled a bit with very demanding games. This unit also supports Picture-by-Picture (PBP) through which you can connect two different devices to the monitor, and you can view input from both the devices simultaneously side by side. However, we were disappointed that the Samsung UR590C UHD 4K Gaming Monitor didn't feature VESA mount or FreeSync features.

Sceptre Curved 27 Inch Gaming Monitor
  • 27-inch 1800R curved display gaming monitor
  • Supports up to 144Hz refresh rate
  • Comes with AMD FreeSync premium
  • Features built-in speakers

For gamers shopping under a budget, the Sceptre Curved 27 Inch Gaming Monitor is a complete steal. We love that it comes in very secure packaging, and we found it easy to set up as well. This unit features a 27-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. In our testing, the picture quality was crisp and bright, and the viewing angle was great as well. Despite the affordable price tag, this gaming monitor from Sceptre boasts a 1800R curved display for an immersive visual experience. It’s very well-built, and the edgeless bezel design makes this unit an absolute stunner. This unit also comes with a blue light shift mode that reduces blue light emission and minimizes eye strain, which is excellent for gamers that stare at their monitors for long hours.

The Sceptre Curved 27 Inch Gaming Monitor is also loaded with AMD FreeSync Premium, and thanks to it, it does a fantastic job at delivering smooth and interruption-free gameplay. It also supports a high refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which is excellent if you're into fast motion games. This gaming monitor also features in-built speakers, but we were disappointed with the audio quality, and you'll have to invest in external speakers. The stand is also a drawback as the monitor can wobble a bit.

Philips 276E8VJSB 27-inch 4K UHD Gaming Monitor
  • 27-inch 4K UHD display gaming monitor
  • Features 10-bit colors for life-like color reproduction
  • Supports HDMI
  • Sports an ultra-narrow border design

If you’re looking for the best gaming monitor for PS5, the Philips 276E8VJSB 27-inch 4K UHD Gaming Monitor is another top contender. It features an ultra-narrow design, which makes the monitor look stunning and also ensures maximum viewing size with minimal distractions. It sports a 3840x2160 resolution, and thanks to the 10-bit color depth, color reproduction was realistic, and we didn't notice any color banding or gradations. The viewing angles were great as well. This gaming monitor from Philips also supports multi-view technology, which enables you to connect with multiple devices simultaneously.

The Philips 276E8VJSB has a refresh rate of 60Hz, and in our testing, it did a pretty good job handling most games but struggles a little bit with intensive games. It also comes with flicker-free technology and is excellent at reducing flicker and regulating brightness for the most comfortable viewing experience. We love that it’s very well constructed and we are sure it'll be long-lasting. The Philips 276E8VJSB also comes with a four-year warranty, so you don't have to worry about the expenses if anything goes wrong with the unit. However, we wished the unit came with vertical adjustment and not just a tilt function.

PS5 Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

Through our years of experience with gaming monitors, we know that some features are more important than others. If you want to lay your hands on the best possible gaming monitor for PS5, look out for the below-mentioned features.

1. Resolution - The higher your monitor's resolution, the better the picture quality. The resolution shows how many pixels your unit possesses in width-height format. At the least, you must go for a gaming monitor with a 1920x1080p resolution, also known as full HD. However, if you want the best viewing experience, you should invest in a unit with QHD or a 4K HD display resolution.

2. Refresh Rate - Particularly for gaming monitors, a refresh rate is critical. Refresh rate is measured in hertz, and it shows how many times your monitor can update with new data per second. The higher the refresh rate, the better. Generally, a 60Hz refresh rate would be sufficient for most games. Anything lower will not be able to handle many games. However, if you're a competitive player or likes to play fast-paced and demanding games, you should lookout for a monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz or higher.

3. Response Time - Generally, response time is not important, but for gamers, it's essential. Putting it simply, the shorter the response time, the better. It shows how long your unit will take to change pixels from black to white. If your monitor has a long response time, you might experience motion blur while gaming. A 5ms response is good for regular games but will be insufficient for high-graphic or fast-paced games. If you’re a competitive player, you should invest in a unit with a 1ms response time.

4. Screen Size - The screen size of your monitor is just as important as the resolution. We recommend 109 pixels per inch. For instance, if your unit's screen size is 32 inches with a 1080p resolution, the picture quality can be very poor and choppy. For such a large screen size, you must look out for at least a QHD or 4K resolution. However, if you fancy smaller screens, a 1080p resolution will do just fine. The bigger the screen, the higher resolution you should go for.

5. Panel Type - When looking for gaming monitors, you must also pay attention to the panel type. Gaming monitors are available in VA, IPS, and TN panel types. If you want a fast unit, TN monitors perform quite well, and they are the cheapest options. However, they can suffer from poor image quality. IPS gaming monitors come with better response time and generally excel in color reproduction in comparison to other panel types. If you want the best contrast, VA monitors are excellent.

5. Curved Vs. Flat - Many gamers are confused as to whether they should opt for a curved or a flat-screen gaming monitor. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Curved displays offer you a more immersive gaming experience, and thanks to the huge field of view, they can be less straining on your eyes as well, which is very helpful, particularly if you like playing games for long hours. However, their price is significantly higher than flat screens, and they tend to look odd if you mount them on a wall as the wall is flat and curved display monitors aren't. On the other hand, flat-screen monitors are more budget and mount friendly. It all comes down to your preference.

6. Ports - You must also ensure that your gaming monitor supports all the requisite connections. For a gaming monitor, you must opt for a unit with numerous USB ports so that you can connect controllers, smartphones, memory sticks, and other devices. An HDMI port is also desirable as such units have a fast response time. If you want to use your monitor not just for games but also to watch movies or edit photos, you'll require various ports. Some other important ports include Display, VGA, and DVI ports. Research well what you want from your unit and make sure they have the right ports.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of our list of the gaming monitors for the upcoming PS5. If your monitor doesn't live up to the demands of PS5, it can result in a sluggish and poor gaming experience. The above-mentioned units are the best in the market and can handle the most demanding games with ease. They are all excellent gaming monitors, but if we had to pick a winner, it would be the Samsung UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor thanks to its fantastic display, design, and gameplay. If you want a more affordable unit, the Sceptre Curved 27 Inch Gaming Monitor is a solid value for money.

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