7 Best Cases for NAS Reviewed

NAS or Network Attached Storage is a computer data storage server, that acts as a network, providing data access to a group of users. Most used in companies, NAS acts almost like a cloud service, but it’s faster, cheaper and more reliable. Everyone at the company can access the same data since the data is shared throughout every connected computer.

7 Best Cases for NAS Reviewed

With vast benefits, NAS also became quite popular among the home users. They are used for productivity as well as for entertainment. In this article we have reviewed some cases that can used to build a NAS. 

A Quick Comparison of Our Top Picks




CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240
  • HDD Tray - 3
  • Included Fans - 3
  • Weight - 12 Pounds
darkFlash DLM21
  • HDD Tray - 2
  • Included Fans - 0
  • Weight - 13 Pounds
Thermaltake View 37
  • HDD Tray - 3
  • Included Fans - 3
  • Weight - 24 Pounds
Chenbro SR30169T2-250
  • HDD Tray - 4
  • Included Fans - 1
  • Weight - 12 Pounds
Thermaltake Level 20 HT
  • HDD Tray - 4
  • Included Fans - 2
  • Weight - 53 Pounds
  • HDD Tray - 3
  • Included Fans - 2
  • Weight - 20 Pounds
darkFlash T20
  • HDD Tray - 1
  • Included Fans - 1
  • Weight - 18 Pounds

Do you Need a Case Specially Made for NAS?

The short answer is NO. You can use any PC case to build a network attached storage. In fact, it is better to use a PC case for NAS rather than using one specially made for NAS. You might ask why? 

Most NAS cases focus on smaller size and lot's of HDD trays. The problem with that is smaller cases often don't have a good airflow for efficient cooling. That is not what you want with something that will be running 24/7. 

Also most PC cases these days have at least 2 to 4 HDD trays. And with the huge capacity HDDs that are currently in the market right now, you probably won't need more than two 10 terabyte drives for home or small office use. 

Review of The 7 Best Cases for NAS

CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 High-Airflow – Black Mini-ITX  NAS Case

  Key Features:

  • Allows you to swap drivers easily and without tools.
  • Comes with 3 pre-installed fans. 
  • Micro ATX and Mini ITX Support

This is a big case, so it’s perfect for big coolers that won’t fit in smaller units. Speaking of which, there’s plenty of options to place your cooling fans, whether it’s at the sides, front, top and even at the bottom of the case. However, this option already includes three large 120 mm cooling fans.

It has a magnetic dust cover for the side vent, allowing the air to flow while still catching dust, preventing it from clogging up. The body of the case is overall well-built, sturdy and has nice fan positions. For the price, you will be getting a case where you can easily place your NAS or other components and expect them to stay secure.

In the case that you are planning on building a computer, you will be glad to know that this case is compatible with both Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards. The front panel of the case also has up-front USB 3.0 connector ports that make it way easier to attach headsets or flash drives. Overall, this is a stunning item and one of the best NAS cases out there. 

darkFlash DLM21 Black Micro ATX Mini ITX Tower

Key Features:

  • It has an easy to open side panel door.
  • Two HDD trays under PSU cover. 
  • Very affordable making it the best budget case. 

If you are looking for a sleek and simple design for your new computer or NAS hardware, then this is a great option. This case has everything that you need and even features an amazing hinged tempered glass side window, allowing you to showcase the interior and eventually the lights. This is also a very nice option for gaming computers since it has a nice quality and an awesome aesthetic.

It’s perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike that want to build their computers. The door on the side panel has a magnetic design, being easy to disassemble, and it doesn’t even require any tools. Being a high-quality structure, the 0.6 mm SPCC features a low-poly design that makes things look more succinct. 

You can also install up to a 240 mm water-cooler device, along with up to 6 air coolers, providing great ways to set up your computer. The hard drive racks are removable, which is great if you just want that space to put something else. And the terrific cable management that it incorporates is a great addition.

Thermaltake View 37 Pre-Installed CA-1J7-00M1WN-04 E-ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

Key Features:

  • Allows you to control the lighting.
  • Has an extended window panel.
  • Supports up to 5 drive bays.
  • Three RGB fans come installed. 

This option has a ton of cool features that most people will appreciate, especially someone that wants to build a gaming computer. For starters, it features an RGB button that incorporates 27 different light modes. Additionally, you can also synchronize the lights with your motherboard, if the component has that feature. Those lights will make all the difference, since this case showcases an amazing enlarged window that covers one side and the top of your computer, allowing you to appreciate an amazing view from various angles.

It’s just breathtaking, even during the day, but especially at night, looking at this case. Even if what you put inside the case is not so esthetically pleasing, you will still have a stylish computer or NAS server. And the case is not just pretty, it’s also very convenient. For instance, the window that covers the case is not made from glass, it’s acrylic, which means that it won’t shatter if you accidentally hit it or drop it.

You can also side mount the graphics card and the case already comes with a set of massive fans on the front. The bottom of the case has a slide-out filter that allows you to easily remove it and clean out the dirt.

Chenbro SR30169 Tower Case SR30169T2-250

Key Features:

  • Four hot swap-able drive bays.
  • Already comes with a quiet PSU.
  • It has a lock, for safety.

This option is great for a home server, so it will do exactly what you are looking for regarding building your own NAS server, whether you will install it in a small company, or your home. The case is stable, quiet and the quality of the materials is top-notch. All of this while remaining a small unit, easy to construct and quick to mount and remove drives into it.

It has a magnetic front panel door, with a lock to keep it safe from everyone who’s not supposed to be accessing the interior of your unit. Beware that the power supply that comes included is not one of the best out there, however, it will get the job done, especially for NAS servers. Nevertheless, it’s a very easy thing to replace, if you so desire.

The unit also features a balanced thermal and acoustic performance technology and even has optimized hard-drives intervals to ensure fairly good cooling.

Thermaltake Level 20 HT Black Edition 4 Pre-Installed CA-1P6-00F1WN-00 Tempered Glass Type-C Fully Modular E-ATX Full Tower

Key Features:

  • Features 4 glass panels.
  • Comes with 5 drive bays.
  • It has a dust reduction build.

This case can be a bit bigger than most, but it becomes perfect if you want to store several NAS or build a powerful computer. It’s a great choice for those looking to incorporate a liquid cooling system and still have enough room left on the inside. You can even install some wheels on it since it can become quite heavy.

Mostly made out of high-quality solid metals and thick tinted tempered glass, this case is sturdy and well-built. It has impressive ventilation and everything is modular, allowing you to swap things easily and without the need for any tools.

With four 4mm thick tempered glass windows, at the top, front, left and at the right of the case, you can set up some amazing lights on its interior. Two standard 140 mm cooling fans come pre-installed at the top. The case is designed with outstanding system ventilation and is envisioned to support a dual-loop liquid cooling system.

NZXT H510 Elite - CA-H510E-W1 - Premium Mid-Tower ATX Case

Key Features:

  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 port at the front, that is compatible with USB-C.
  • Includes two HUE RGB lighting fans. 
  • Very good cable management.
  • 2 tempered glass panels.

This case is very solid and the interior paint job is perfect, with a very nice matte finish. The case lights are perfectly placed. There are several slots and holes in the most various places, with the backside covered in Velcro straps and routing channels for better cable management.

Featuring a beautifully clean and subtle look, this option has a very quiet design, almost silent even, you can place up to 5 fans in it. The tempered glass feels very sturdy and the inside of the case features excellent spacing. Everything is easy and simple to screw on and off and even the back panel can be simply removed.

The power button, the USB slots, and the headphone jack are all situated at the top part of the front panel, making it very easy and comfortable to plug things in. For the price, this is an amazing option for you to set up the perfect NAS server for your small business and still have it rock an awesome aesthetic.

darkFlash T20 ATX Mid-Tower with 1pcs 120mm LED Rainbow Fan Pre-Installed (Black)

Key Features:

  • Built-in RGB LED strip.
  • Features 2 dust filters.
  • Has a flexible GPU holder.
  • It comes with USB 3.0 connectors.

This is a well-made and well-designed case. It’s a pleasure to build in it. It features sturdy steel panels and has an RGB LED strip that can be controlled remotely. It’s easy to hide the cables since it also features great cable management additions, like tie-down points and Velcro cables, included.

The case doesn’t feel cheap and even features a magnetic dust filter at the top, which is easily removed so that you can clean it. It also has a removable frame dust filter at the bottom, to catch any additional cluster. Those additions will keep your case, your computer parts or even your NAS clean. They will also help to reduce the noise caused by cooling fans and to extend their lifespan.

Another cool feature is that the case already comes with a rainbow fan in the rear end, providing colorful rainbow lighting to your build, which will be showcased by the tempered glass side window.

What to look for when buying Cases for NAS

When shopping for a Case for NAS it’s essential to consider the following features:

1. Size - Coming with so many different sizes, this is a feature that you must consider when buying your NAS case. There are usually three size categories: big, medium and small cases. The size that you choose will depend on what you are looking to place inside of it. Take a look at your components and calculate how much size you will need.

2. Cooling System - Probably one of the most important features when building a computer or a NAS server is the air circulation. This is a system that comes built-in on every case, but some have better cooling systems than others. You should evaluate how many cooling fans you’ll need for your build and get the right amount of cooling fan holes. Some cases feature other additions that will also improve airflow. 

3. Number of HDD Cages - This is an important aspect of any build. Either if you are building a personal computer or a NAS server, an HDD cage is the place where you will insert your HDD or SSD in. How many cages you’ll need will depend on your build, if you want to connect several NAS then you should choose a case with more HDD cages.

4. Durability - Many factors will impact the case’s durability. If you want something sturdier, then you should look for cases that don’t feature glass windows and are made from high-quality materials, preferably metal over plastic. However, this decision will depend if you prioritize look over durability.

5. Price - Of course, you have to consider the price of the case. Usually, quality means that the product is also more expensive, but that isn’t always the case. There are several cases out there that are more affordable and still have amazing quality. You just have to assess how much money you’re willing to spend and choose the best case within your budget.

Final Words

Building your computer or your own NAS server can be quite stressful in the process. But the result will make up for it. Building these devices, yourself gives you such a freedom of choice that you otherwise would never have. Considering that, you should make a plan of what exactly you want to build and then buy the components accordingly. A NAS case is a crucial step in that process, and our article just made it easier for you to choose.

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