7 Best Apps Like Wish for Android & iOS

Technology has made shopping so much convenient in this age. You don’t need to plan it all the way to the shopping mall just to get your items on discount. This is because apps, websites, and forums dedicated to shopping activities are at your disposal. A good example is Wish – which is a very popular web portal where a wide selection of unbranded products are sold. Most of the goods being stocked here are sourced directly from Wholesalers in China. According to statistics, Wish has received over 100 million downloads ever since it was launched.

Wish App Logo

You basically need to name it and Wish will display it for you. But as always, this is business and there needs to be competition from other similar websites/apps as well. Wish is not the only mobile app for shopping items at discounted prices. In fact, there are dozens of apps like Wish that are in existence today. Some of them have been listed below.

1 – Overstock

For: Android and iOS

This mobile app strives to provide a memorable shopping experience to its users. It also strives to be like Wish, hence it will give huge discounts of up to 70% on certain items. Overstock hosts daily deals, offers, and weekly promotions. It also lets users purchase quality items with coupons as well, and this would mean huge savings on those purchases.

In addition to this, the company boasts of working with professionals to guarantee quality shopping services to its users. You will find furniture and other diversified items. Once you download the app, you can use it to order items just like in the case of Wish. Overstock will certainly push exclusive products to you at competitive rates.

2 – Ali Express

For: Android and iOS

AliExpress is a giant shopping portal with the best mobile shopping app ever. This app was started by Alibaba Group to mainstream the shopping experience. According to the official website, AliExpress offers some 100 million items at discounted prices. This website also has a global popularity because it serves over 200 countries across the world.

Ali Express sells things ranging from auto-parts, to clothing accessories, tech items, etc. And by downloading this app, users can enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience. The company also supports 5 other languages apart from English. Customer support is 24/7. Super deals and happy discounts is the hallmark of this app.

3 – Geek

For: Android and iOS

Geek competes with Wish in the sense that it claims to offer discounts of between 50 to 70%. If you are a geek, you can get your geeky items for a huge discount on this platform. This includes watches, latest headphones, phone accessories, electronic items, and car accessories. The only difference between Geek and Wish is that Geek doesn’t sell clothes and other fashion items like Wish. With this app, you can place orders directly so that it can be delivered to the front store.

4 – Zulily

For: Android and iOS

Zulily boasts of being the best choice of mobile app for shopping because it stocks the latest products at discounted prices just like Wish. As a shopper or subscriber, you will receive the latest products every single day of the week. The platform is also incorporated with social links to encourage users to share it with others on social media.

This platform is also organized in such a manner that shopping automatically becomes fan. All items are organized in their respective categories for easy navigation. What is more, the platform offers you all this for free in the sense that you can sign up at no cost.

5 – Banggood

For: Android and iOS

Banggood seeks to please buyers who are looking for items related to living and entertainment. The app also gives happy discounts to customers who frequent the platform. This app is a direct competitor of Wish because it offers fresh deals, new arrivals, and proper selling to buyers who are interested in sampling all items that it offers.

Because the app is optimized for the ultimate mobile experience, you will find that shopping on this platform is very easy and straightforward. They sell everything from clothing, to accessories, electronics and so much more.

6 – GearBest

For: Android and iOS

This app was designed for people who want to shop for Chinese phones or those who are specifically interested in features provided by these phones. GearBest stocks over 100k quality items which are grouped across 100 plus different categories. GB stocks things like RC drones, wearable devices, mobile phone accessories, tablets and other similar stuff. The app also provides convenient payment methods through PayPal.

In addition to this, GB has a feature that lets you mark your shortlisted items so that you can track their pricing. And since the company is transparent in its dealings, it allows all users to read and even post their reviews on the platform. Finally, it provides the option of tracking and managing orders once placed on the platform. The orders which you place here are also shipped free of charge.

7 – Wanelo

For: Android and iOS

This app lets you order a variety of products from the comfort of your living room. Currently, the app has over 1000k registered users. Also, it has a feature which lists down recommended items for the day. These are mostly new items which have just been stocked for the day.

Also, Wanelo offers a search option in addition to letting you browse stores that sell gadgets, shoes, clothes, and so much more for discounted prices. Wanelo insists on stocking top branded items only.


While Wish is a nice app for finding discounted products online, it has since faced a lot of competition from some of the apps listed above. The reasons why you might want to download these apps alongside Wish are as follows:

When you can’t find the item you’re looking for on Wish, and secondly, when you are having some problems using the website or app. Also, it is always a good thing to have these apps running side by side just in case you want to experiment with the apps as far as shopping is concerned.

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