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7 Best Sites Like Reddit You Probably Don’t Know About

Where do you go to once Reddit has bored you? Perhaps you might be interested in Reddit alternatives that are equally addictive and interesting to spend your time on. You see, these sites were created to help you know the best and worst things happening around the world. Users submit different links, thereby providing all types of information you may need. In fact, Reddit has something to offer regardless of who you are or what you might consider interesting.

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These sites give like-minded people a chance to hang out together in a meaningful way. Once you open a website like Reddit, it’s hard to leave. And the simple reason for this is that there is so much user-generated content that keeps people busy, even the whole day.

Being the Reddit addict that you are, you might have also decided to explore other sites like Reddit that could give you what the site is already offering, but in a better fashion. Thankfully, you can find those alternatives below here. Let’s get the list rolling:

1. Newsvine

Most people spend their time on this site because they want to find out interesting content and engage with it as well. Actually, users can comment and vote on the news articles. And if you’re handy with words, they will publish your piece, giving you a huge exposure in the Newsvine community. The site actually hosts thousands of visitors a day.

Most articles here are what we call Self-constrained. This means you don’t have to leave the site in order to read the article in full elsewhere.

They’ve also incorporated what they call ‘’Seed feature’’. This is nothing more than a button which you can install on your browser, just in case you are curious enough to want to read articles from sources where they were originally published.


They will never admit this fact. But looking at it the first time, you get a feeling that they borrowed most of the design elements from Reddit. Other than the unique twist they’ve added here and there, it’s a copy and paste case to form what we call Voat.

Rather than having subreddits, Voat has subverses. But other than the few name changes which they have used to set it apart from Reddit, everything else looks pretty the same. You can check it out as well.

3. Digg

They collect the best of the web and bring it together on the homepage. What we like about this site is that it always puts the most voted pieces first for everyone to read.

Digg is similar to Reddit but has a cleaner and neater UI. With such a clutter-less user interface combined with convenient navigation features, you can actually concentrate on the stuff you want to read and then ignore the rest. The best thing about Digg is that they will never promote anything that is not worth reading, so rest assured that entertainment is in plenty.

4. Quora

New Q&A sites keep popping up on the internet, and they all claim to be the NBT (Next big thing). Rather than doing what they have promised, they start doing what other new sites do to generate traffic.

You will not see pictures of cute dogs and cats at Quora. Instead, what you will see is questions followed by very sober answers. In fact, Quora seems to be the best place on the web to invest or waste time at.
The site has a lot of veterans forming a community of ready answers. To add to this, they have an intelligent voting system that will only keep the best answers at the top. It’s definitely a thumb up!

5. Hacker news

This site is like Reddit in several ways, although it’s geared more towards tech enthusiasts who love hacking topics. Again, it publishes startup topics on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that this site covers other topics as well. What you will not find here is funny threads or posts as this is strictly a no-nonsense website that only publishes valuable information for those who are interested in these topics.

6. StumbleUpon

As the name says it, you can stumble upon some awesome and great content submitted by other users. This site is a great choice to kick off boredom. The posts you find here are totally random but you may find them to be very interesting. Here, you can keep stumbling all day, like or dislike stories and save them to read later.

7. Mashable

Whether you’re into technology, social media, web development, gaming, videos, or entertainment topics, this is your one-stop shop for all your needs. Mashable is popular for covering anything new about innovation and invention, although they occasionally write about other topics as well.

If you are a newbie, all this information may seem overwhelming, unlike what you find on Reddit. However, you are guaranteed ease of navigation in order to find what you’re looking for. There was a need to do so in order to make it easier for visitors to filter out content and only choose what they want to read and follow. You actually follow and leave the rest to happen.

For those who live by the entrepreneurial spirit, this site is a must. But if you are a casual browser, you can make use of their Must-Read section which highlights all the important things you’d like to set your eyes on.

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You ought to explore this list by all means if you are a fan of Reddit. Interesting content is a guarantee depending on the niche you’re into. If you know of any other interesting sites like Reddit, then please comment below with the link.

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