Download and Play Hay Day on PC for Free

Not everyone likes playing racing and hardcore action games; there are those who are naturally nature lovers. Hay Day perfectly suites those who have a dream of owning a farm so as to rear animals like pigs, sheep, goats and cows. By playing it, you have the option of building dairies, sugar mills, bakeries and turning their farm harvest into wholesome goods.

Hay Day Game Logo

Developed by Supercell, Hay Day as a game has no need of being introduced to game lovers since it is one of the best free farming games that you can find on the Google Play Store and Apple app store. The game can be played on a number of platforms such as personal computers and on your Smartphone. The game is also compatible with most iOS devices and can be easily acquired from application store which is a thing that has made it to gain a lot of popularity and positive ratings.

This game is compatible with a number of operating systems such as windows 8, windows 7 and Windows XP. This is the right guide to guide you on how to play this game on your PC. By choosing to play this game, you are about to enjoy a farmer’s life in a virtual manner. The farming which one is virtually practicing makes use of modern technology. For instance, one is given the chance of mastering the skills of animal husbandry that enables a farmer to multiply the profits got from farming. Follow the stepst given below to download and Install Hay Day on PC using BlueStacks

Step 1: Download and Install BlueStacks

To play Hay Day first you have to download and install BlueStacks Android emulator. It creates an environment on your PC that lets you install any android application and use them just like you would on any Android device. (See how to install BlueStacks) After installing BlueStacks move on to step 2 in order to complete the process to download Hay Day for PC.

Step 2: Install Hay Day on Your Computer

When you open BlueStacks you might see Hay Day listed under the most popular app section. If no then just search for Hay Day using the search feature.

Download Hay Day with BlueStacks

Once you locate it click on the icon and then click install button. Go ahead and accept its terms and conditions. The game will be installed just like any other android app. Once installed you will find it on the home screen of BlueStacks along with other applications. After that it is now time to enjoy the game!

How to play Hay Day and other tips and tricks

Since you have downloaded Hay Day game, you have to do the following so as to have fun.

1. Begin by creating a game center account from the user interface. This allows the player to make friends without having to join to any social platform.

2. Create the farm name that you would like to use.

3. With the help of the provided tutorial, the user has the chance of learning how feeding animals, planting plants, collecting goods and purchasing items is done. It is worthy to note that beginners may not have access to certain options until they reach a certain level.

4. Plant and collect to your satisfaction. People can pay your farm a visit and pay for some goods and crops though it gets more interesting as you move from one level to the other.

5. Advancing levels: you need points for you to advance from one level to the other. Selling to visiting customers, completing deliveries, collecting animal products and harvesting crops are some of the things that make one to earn point. With more points, more game features are unlocked.

Playing Hay Day on PC with BlueStacks

Learn and make use of all the techniques of farming as well as make use of the byproducts in feeding your livestock to ensure meat and milk produce increases. One has a chance of owning sugar mills intended for sugar production from the sugarcane grown in the farm. The bakeries will be supplied with flour for production of the associated finished products.

The aim of this game is to make you a professional and perfect farmer so as to be in a position of having an optimum production from bakeries, sugar mills, dairies and many other sources. So as to earn more money, selling the products in the nearby markets is a recommended option.

The player-turned farmer is advised to publish adverts on newspapers so as to increase the chances of making more sells. The products may additionally be stocked in your own roadside shop so as friends and neighbors can have a chance of buying them. Though Hay Day is free to play after downloading, one is encouraged to pay some amount for some of its optional features to be activated to make it even more interesting. If not paid for, they are deactivated at the setting menu.

Some features of Hay Day

1. Free to download and play

2. One can prepare a meal from the provided ingredients

3. Trading of crops and products is easy to do

4. Players over various social platforms have a chance of sharing their scores with those whom they wish to do so with
5. Has a user friendly graphical interface that makes it for one to learn and play

Game Graphics and Quality

Whichever end device you are using when playing the game, you are assured of encountering graphics of superb top quality. It additionally has a sound quality which equally matches its top-notch background. These two features make most players to be addicted to this game.

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