9 Best Epub Readers for Windows

Reading has been a hobby to many over the years. As time went by book writers have lean towards publishing digital copies of their books rather than hard copies. This is a growing trend and with time hard copy publications may become obsolete. This has however resulted in invention of devices and applications to read this digital content.

Epub Reader for Windows

The content is usually in different formats but in this case I’ll focus on epub format. Different readers are used to read digital content in form of epub and here are the top 9 epub readers for Windows that you can choose from.

1. Ice Cream Epub Reader

Ice cream comes with support for Windows xp, 7, 8.1 and 10 is one of the best Epub readers for Windows. This reader is there to make your reading experience memorable so that you always go back for more “ice cream”.

Ice Cream Ebook Reader

The app offers a wonderful user interface and makes your reading interesting by enhancing it through, tracking reading progress, turning pages yourself as you move from one to another, searching your own personalized library and the use of book marks. The app not only supports epub format but also other formats for example; pdf, cbr and cbz just to mention a few. You can also switch to full screen mode or night mode while reading.

2. Nook

Nook app is downloaded from the windows store for free and it’s been developed by the world’s greatest retailer (Barne and noble). It gives the users a great experience in reading by providing items such as, bookmarks, highlighting text when reading, and a good interaction with the user during the time they are reading.

Nook Epub Reader App

It enables the user store books they have purchased and not only storing but they also manage them at their liberty. The reader also creates their own library for storing, books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and comics. It gives daily feeds to readers and items to look out for. What most readers want is the ability to choose exactly what they want and be able to have a say over it and nook provides these. It is applicable to any device with Windows 8.1 and 10 be it a desktop, tablet or a smartphone.

3. Cover Comic Reader

This is the best app for those who love comic reading this is because it has been tailor made to suit and satisfy your needs fully. It allows you to import books, manage your library, which could never been better than choosing the location of your comic book on the shelves, where to store them e.g. in the drop box and even choose the books to show to your family.

Cover Comic Reader

You are able to use all the keyboard shortcuts you know while reading and for the once you aren’t able to read online they are made available offline. Also enhances status of items you have read and those you are yet to read.

4. Sumatra Reader

Tired of complexities in this digital world? Sumatra is the way to go to enhance and improve your reading; it’s simple to use, it supports not only epub format but others like pdf, mobi, xps, cbz and cbr. Its main advantage is the ease of use by everyone.

Sumatra Reader for Epub and PDF

It’s available in standalone app and portable app hence you get entertainment everywhere you go as long as you have installed the portable app. Applicable in window XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

5. Calibre Reader

This is epub reader that will enhance your reading, its user friendly, making it so easy to use and manage. Once you import the books, articles and magazines you would like to read, the freedom of managing them is yours.

It also enables you edit the books and hence making your reading experience interactive and interesting. The app as special feature in that; it allows you to convert epub to other formats such as mobi.

6. FB Reader

FB; many may sound as the abbreviation for face book, but this was derived from fiction books. Fb epub reader is a free eBook reader that has a very simple user interface to accommodate all e.g. use of few buttons, it also enhances your reading experience through the support of a wide range of eBooks not only epub, enables the reader create and manage their library, position indicator to facilitate your quick reading e.g. it indicates the last position you read for any eBook that you had opened that way you continue from where you left, not start over or waste time perusing to find where you read last. The reader also supports a wide range of platform from Microsoft windows to mobile devices.

7. Cool Reader

This is an open source reader, that’s applicable to windows versions; xp, vista and windows 7, it’s easy to read, which makes it even simpler to use and manage compared to other readers. It also enhances readers reading through use of book marks and supporting other formats hence making it easy to transition from one to another.

8. Epub Reader

Epub not now a format but a reader, it is a premium reader for windows 8.1 installed devices. It enhances customers reading through the library which the user manages and in book customization. However unlike most of the readers discussed earlier, for this you will have to pay a price to enjoy the app and its advantages. Purchase online at a price of $2.49.

9. Book Viser

Yet another for windows 8.1 devices simplifies your reading experience and allows you a wide range of book formats hence its compatible to every book available online and also allows you access to free books from the internet.

10. Freda Reader (Bonus!)

This goes to those looking for an easy to manage eBook reader and that which offers customized services at no cost. It supports different versions and its user friendly. However it is applicable with windows 8.1.

Make your reading interesting by installing the best apps that will make it even more memorable. Any of these apps will play that role. You don’t have to look any further, do to your windows store today, choose the app you deem best for you, install and get reading. Let’s make our reading interacting and interesting.

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