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50 Funny Wifi Names, Some are Clever too!

Every household has one thing in common these days, almost all of them have an internet connection and a Wifi router. When naming a Wi-Fi network, some people become very creative and come up with some funny and clever names. The chances are you have probably noticed some of them already.

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If you are looking for some of those names for your Wifi network then you are at the right place my friend! I have listed 50 of the most funny names below that I have collected from various sources and put them together to make it easy for you.

Choose one of the funny Wifi names from the list to put a smile on your neighbor or maybe make the annoying neighbors  super angry, who knows!

Funny Wifi Names and Clever Wifi Names

Have you ever noticed funny wifi names that you would like to share with us? If yes, then please comment below and I will put it in the list during the next update.

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