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How to Watch Norwegian TV Abroad Using A VPN

If you are planning to watch your favorite Norwegian shows while abroad, we have bad news for you. Channels such as TV Norge, NRK, and TV 2 are only limited to the country’s physical boundaries and, if you are traveling for business, school, or a vacation, you will unfortunately not be able to watch Norwegian TV in other countries.

Norwegian TV channels, radios, and streaming services have put up restrictions on who is going to be able to watch their content, and this is limited to people that have been attributed a Norwegian IP.

Don’t be quick to put the blame on Norwegian media outlets, as they are not the ones at fault. It is, in fact, quite common for streaming platforms and TV channels to restrict access to their content, and the reasons vary.

Fortunately, there are ways to bypass these restrictions, and the safest one is to use Virtual Private Network. This is what we will be discussing today, but before we get into how VPNs can help you, it is worth taking a look at what geo-restrictions mean and why countries ban their streaming services from being accessed abroad.

Why are Norwegian Streaming services banned abroad?

As we already established, a subscription with a Norwegian TV or streaming service will most likely not work outside of Norway. The only way to access your favorite streaming services is by switching your IP to a Norwegian one.

Contrary to what you may think, this is not entirely the streaming service’s choice. All TV and streaming services need to sign a contract with movie producers and studios, and this contract most likely mentions content provided for a specific country should stay within the borders of the country.

By doing this, TV and movie studios can increase their revenue by selling content separately in each region. So, it all comes down to licensing agreements and increasing profits.

While it is not necessarily Norway’s case, some more restrictive governments are looking to control the type of content their citizens can access. To avoid legal issues, streaming services restrict content in those regions.

What exactly are geo-restrictions?

The way streaming services manage to restrict content in certain areas is by filtering viewers’ IP addresses. And if you are wondering what an IP address is, put simply, a series of numbers that identifies a specific device on a specific network. This lets networks determine where a request came from and where to send the response. Think of it the same way your home address works, allowing postal carriers to find you.

The thing with IP addresses, same as with home addresses, is that they reveal your specific location. When a streaming service sees that an IP address is originated in a different country, abroad, it can block the user from viewing the content. These are called geo-restrictions, and the only way to bypass them is by hiding your original IP and replacing it with one from a country that the content is available in.

What can I do to watch Norwegian TV abroad?

Streaming services are going out of their way to block access to geo-restricted content. Still, there is a way to bypass these restrictions and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere on the globe – a Virtual Private Network.

By getting a Norwegian IP address, you will be able to access Norwegian TV content and streaming services that are only available in this specific country. What a VPN does is it hides your original IP address by routing it through a remote server that is run by the VPN host. This way, your internet service providers and other websites can’t determine where the original request comes from and will take into consideration the IP address your VPN provider shows. You can look online for the best VPNs to use for a Norway IP address to make sure you are making the right choice.

Bypassing geo-restrictions is not the only thing a VPN can help you with. This type of tool is actually a very useful way to protect yourself from the harms of the online world. Because your IP address is hidden, this adds an extra layer of protection against anyone that is trying to monitor your activities or harm your internet privacy. This includes internet service providers, governments, and hackers alike.

It is actually advised that you use a VPN whenever you try to connect to a public Wi-Fi network, as the level of security these networks provide is quite low. A public Wi-Fi network can leave you susceptible to cyberattacks and other fraudulent activities so, it is always better to consider other levels of security.  

Which are the best VPNs for watching Norwegian TV abroad?

VPN services have become quite popular, so it is no surprise that a simple search online will reveal a multitude of results. Still, if you want improved protection and security, you need to look for a VPN that is reliable and has positive reviews.

Keep in mind that some streaming services have started recognizing and blocking VPN IP addresses, so you need to find a provider that is prompt to replace these addresses as soon as they are blocked so that you continue to enjoy your favorite content.

Here are some VPNs that provide access to Norwegian IP addresses:

  • NordVPN – a very popular VPN provider, offers high-security levels and includes servers from all over the world.
  • ExpressVPN – perhaps the most popular VPN provider, with servers in 94 countries and lots of security features.
  • Surfshark – this is a great choice if you are looking for speed, protection, and security, all while bypassing geo-restricted content.
  • UltraVPN – with over 100 supefast severs, this VPN is perfect for bypassing Norwegian restrictions and keeping your online activity secure.

Most of these providers offer VPNs for other devices as well, including smart TVs, smartphones, and home routers, so make sure to check them out and choose the solution that suits your needs best.

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