Lenovo Launches 11-Inch Chromebook 3

Lenovo has launched a new gadget, 11-inch Chromebook 3. The device is available on the company’s website and goes for $229. It adds to existing Chrome OS products from Lenovo, consisting of the $279 Chromebook Duet and $359 Flex 5.

lenovo 11 inch chromebook 3

The incoming model supersedes the current 14-inch Chromebook 3, previously an upgrade of its Chromebook S340. The model went for $249, though it’s no longer available on the company’s store. Unlike the outgoing model, the 11-inch is smaller in size, though most of its specs are improvements from the 14-inch. Some of the changes include a brighter display that’s rated at 250 nits up from 220 nits of the 14-inch and a storage upgrade from 32GB to 64GB. The revamped storage is a plus for those who may want to download more android apps, photos, or other media. The 32GB gets exhausted fast so that users couldn’t store much.

The 11-inch comes in a brand new color known as“two-tone onyx black with a textured finish,” as explained by Lenovo. It’s a significant improvement from the 14-inch version, which comes in gray. The new version is also some pounds lighter than the 14-inch, weighing 2.47 pounds compared to 14’s 3.09 pounds. For individuals looking for a lighter device that they can easily carry around, the 11-inch would be the ideal option. However, it’s not a touchscreen.

Like the outgoing model, the 11-inch contains an audio jack, two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and a microSD card reader. Lenovo didn’t include an audio jack in the Duet, so it’s an improvement. Both models have a 720p camera and a 3-cell 42Wh battery and come with a 45W AC adapter. While the Intel Celeron N4020 processor is a bit low compared to other high-end devices, it’s suitable for Chromebooks.

Even though the new Chromebook comes with refreshed specs, it’s not clear whether it will pick up soon. Lenovo is already offering more affordable Chromebooks, and budget shoppers may not be willing to spend more to get the new model. However, for those looking for a revamped model, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars on the 11-inch. The Chromebook 3 also has a 180-degree hinge so that it can lie flat on the surface. But that may not be of any value since it’s not a touchscreen. Currently, the 11-inch is only available on the Lenovo website, but it might soon appear in other places.

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