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How to Make the Project 64 Emulator Even Better

Loyal fans of Nintendo 64 know that there is no better emulator for this system’s games than Project 64. Lots of gamers have already appreciated its stability, user-friendly interface, and cool features. Still, emulation alone is not all your Project 64 is capable of. With this splendid emulator it’s possible to play N64 classics using all sorts of cheats which can be added to the emulator.

Project 64 Emulator

Do you want to know how to do it? Then, go ahead with reading our tutorial.

Going to the Cheats Menu

To access the Cheats menu, which is hidden by default, you’ll need to enable the Advanced Settings. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work with advanced options, which, in turn, will make it impossible for you to add new cheats to your emulator.

So, to uncover the hidden you’ll be required to do the following:

  • Go to the “Options” menu and select the “Settings” option there.
  • After clicking on “Settings” make sure to disable the “Hide Advanced Settings” option. This can be done by unchecking the corresponding box.
  • Close the menu to save the incorporated changes.

One more thing you’ll need to do to access your emulator’s menu is to open a ROM file. We presume that you have already downloaded a bunch of cool games for playing on Project 64. Still, if you haven’t done this yes or are hesitant about trusting online sources offering ROM file for the games you want to play. In such a case, we would recommend that you download N64 ROMs from RomsMania.

  • You can make your emulator display all of the downloaded ROMS in a main window. To do it, put all the games in a separate folder, select “File” and then “Choose ROM Directory” in your emulator.

After opening the ROM file, you will be able to finally access the Cheat menu. Just go to the System menu and click on the “Cheats” option. Alternatively, you can select one of the games in your ROM directory list by right-clicking on it and choosing “Edit Cheats.”

Choosing from Premade Cheats

Except for adding your own cheat, you are presented with a chance to use the cheats that have already been prepared for you. You are encouraged to take advantage of a vast database of premade cheats that can be used for virtually any N64 game. You will see the available cheats right after opening the ROM file and accessing the Cheats menu. Feel free to scroll down list of the cheats till you find something interesting.

Once you decide what cheat to use, tick the box next to it. Doing so will activate the cheat and make it possible for you to utilize it in-game.

Note that you are not limited to selecting only one cheat. Still, make sure not to enable too many cheats not to increase the probability of game crashing.

It is also possible select the variable, which will make it possible for you to slightly change the way your cheat works for a similar item.

To do it, select “(=> ?).” Upon doing so, a new window should appear to let you choose the necessary variable.

  • For instance, you can use the cheat for modifying the entire in-game inventory, whereas the variables can be used for modifying certain items in that inventory.

Adding New Cheats

Now it’s time to learn how to add the cheat you find online to your Project 64. You can look for the necessary cheat code online. Just make sure to use reputable websites to download the files from.

  • Take note of the fact that Project 64 is only compatible with GameShark codes.

Then, load the game you want to play on your emulator and access the Cheat menu.

Right-click on the blank space or anything else within your Cheat menu to enable the “New Cheat” option. Then, click on it.

Don’t forget to insert the new code into the “Code” box.

What a cool thing this Project 64 is! Anyone can explore different facets of the most popular N64 games with the help of this program, combining the functions of an emulator and a game facilitating trainer. Now it’s your turn to add new cheats to the emulator and become a superhero in your favorite game!

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