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Create Your Free Website With Mobirise Website Builder

Every day there are new website builders popping up, all having their strengths and weaknesses. However, none truly offers the user design freedom as you’d have it with Mobirise Website Builder.

Mobirise HTML Website Builder

But if you’ve never built a website, or have dozens of half-completed sites across a host of these builders, how would you know whether Mobirise would be any different than the rest? If you have come to the inevitable conclusion that you need a solid base for an online presence, but are tired of looking for a quick and easy solution, stop looking.

Mobirise is free and easy to use. You won’t need to have any previous experience in making a webpage or any coding knowledge whatsoever. Here’s what Mobirise HTML Website Builder is all about…

Introducing Mobirise Website Builder

So many website builders require you to be online in order to access and manipulate your website. Fortunately, Mobirise has created a simple program that allows you to get done what needs doing to your site- offline if desired.

You can upload all of your changes to the site as soon as you get back online. It’s a quick and easy press of a button to get it done.

Google AMP and Bootstrap 4

Incorporated into the works behind the scenes, are two crucial proponents to having a search engine friendly and well-ranking website. We’ll start with Google AMP.

Google AMP

AMP has become a MUST in the world of websites, because of how quickly it delivers information to tablets and mobile phones. A site that isn’t equipped with this software (and there are many), lose favor with the search engines and rank worse than the sites that are equipped with it.

Mobirise HTML Website Builder

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 is the fourth edition of the Bootstrap program, that is created to ensure that a website is designed specifically for mobile phones and tablets, then worries about how the site will respond with a PC.

This is the opposite of most web-based software that handles mobile-friendliness as an afterthought. There are more people browsing the web through their phones than ever!

Bootstrap caters to mobile users by creating a framework that is especially easy on the eyes, and most responsive.

Fresh Templates

Mobirise HTML Website Builder offers you an option of five, time tested and proven templates for you to choose from for free. However, for a fee, you can have access to over 200 different HTML templates to choose from.


There are no limits to what you can do with blocks! Mobirise offers over 2500 different block styles to utilize in any template! If you’re not familiar with what blocks are, check out their video showing you what they are, and how to use them.

Mobirise HTML Website Builder

Mobirise Extensions

Extensions help to gear up your site for specific purposes. Mobirise HTML Website Builder offers extensions with their theme/extension kit. For some examples, here are a few of the extensions available:

  • PayPal Shopping Cart
  • Selection of Icons
  • Form Builder
  • Code Editor
  • PWA Builder
  • Pop-Up Builder

Mobirise HTML Website Builder

How to Create a Website

  1. Go to and select which system you’re using- PC or Mac.
  2. Follow the instructions for account set up & download instructions.
  3. After the program is installed, open it up and start a new site.
  4. Select a block to the right of the screen, and drag it into the workspace.
  5. Edit the block using the information you’d rather have it say, and replace pics with any that you have on hand if desired. All of this works just like any other text editor.
  6. Use the Parameters panel to set the parameters of the block, to get it just how you’d like it to be.
  7. Give it a preview to see how it looks on the available platforms (mobile/tablet/PC).
  8. If you’re satisfied, click the publish button, and it’ll be uploaded to the platform of your choice- either through, or whichever hosting service that you’ve decided to use.


The beauty of Mobirise is that you don’t have to learn a new skill set in order to rapidly get to know the program & what it does. From start to finish, the program is built for the layman, who has no previous webpage building experience.

Because of that, complex coding is constantly being formulated as you go. And the beauty of it all is, you’ll never have a need to see it, worry about it, or manipulate it.

From start to finish, you’ll wind up with a quick & easy to build a website, that will have a professionally made appearance and top-notch performance.

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