Telefónica To Build 5G Network With Ericsson

Ericsson is planning to implement a separate 5G core network for Telefónica Deutschland, operating under the O2 brand in Germany. The system will have full cloud compatibility in its infrastructure, set for deployment by 2021. As a result, Telefónica will have the latest mobile network in Germany in the coming 5G era.

Telefónica Deutschland ericsson

To maximally take into account the growth expected in the transportation and data transmission tasks, the tech giant has set the new core network’s capacity at optimal dimensions. It’s in line with the expected massive increase in data streams of its O2 customers in the future.

According to Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer of Telefónica Deutschland, the network uses the latest technology to suit massive data streams anticipated in the future.

“With our cloud compatible 5G core network, we are entering a new technology era,” Mallik said. “Gigabit data rates, real-time communication, and massive IoT – these visions are now becoming a reality. We have a clear plan for the further development of our network infrastructure towards a standalone 5G network that can handle the massive data streams of the future and open up new digital business models for all our customers. In doing so, we are relying on the latest network technologies that the market has to offer.”

At 20 GBit/s, the browsing speed of the 5G network is going to be 100 times faster than the outgoing 4G that’s currently providing only 225 Mbit/s. As such, O2 customers look forward to improved network experience and state-of-the-art applications. Additionally, the 5G will enable real-time communication reducing data transfer to one millisecond from about 50 milliseconds with 4G.

Private O2 customers are set to explore better dimensions of mobile data applications. As soon as the new core network is implemented, they’ll have instant access to amazing mobile apps such as virtual reality. Telefónica Deutschland is also going to provide new digital solutions to industrial customers for production logistics and energy management, advancing sustainable digitization in Germany.

Generally, the 5G core network will bring new strength to machine networks and the Internet of Things. While the 4G can only connect about 10,000 devices over one square kilometer, the 5G network will have at least one million devices connected.

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