8 Movies and TV Shows That Predicted Technology Right

Some ideas and inventions have been tried and tested in movies and TV shows long time ago that we are using on a daily basis now. Others were mentioned but never saw the limelight. These predictions made in films are not illusions but possible breakthroughs in the scientific field.

Tech Prediciton of Movies

Although we are yet to ride hover-boards but there are many things that movies and TV shows predicted right. Here are some of them with great predictions:

1. The Simpsons

This is a popular cartoon that rocked our screens for a long period of time. There are several inventions predicted by the Simpsons and a number of them have been actualized already. These predictions include the sarcasm detector, smart watches, autocorrect, baby translators, 3D printed cakes, blood spraying billboards, airplane restaurants and hamburger earmuffs. The inventions predicted by the Simpsons seemed silly and unrealistic but they are slowly being realized.

 2. A Space Odyssey

Although most of the technologies that were used in this movie have not been materialized yet but this movie predicted the invention of tablets. These gadgets are now very popular and a number of companies are producing them. They may seem new but the design was perfectly shown in this movie.

3. Star Trek

When Star Trek came out back in 1987 people were using huge computers and most of them didn’t even heard of internet. This is a franchise that consists of intriguing science fiction movies.  The predictions it made include the videophone, 3-D printers, smart watches and computer speech recognition.

4. Minority Report

This is a 2002 film with Tom Cruise in the lead role. This movie predicted facial recognition software, personalized advertising, user interfaces that could be operated using gestures and psychics who could predict and combat crimes effectively. Some of these inventions have been realized while some are yet to be but they seem to be on the pipeline.

5. Woman in the Moon

This ancient movie accurately predicted the technology of space travel way before it began. It was a clear depiction of the rockets used to travel to space although it is a bit wrong in elements such as the rocket launching from the water.

6. Enemy of the State

This movie showed that government agencies could tap into every phone call and monitor the activities of the people. This is an invention that could curb terrorism and stop insecurity. Don’t governments have these capabilities?

7. Iron Man

There are many high tech stuff was used in the Iron Man movie. But what seeing the light of reality are the personal assistant and the hologram display technology. We are already seeing J.A.R.V.I.S as Siri and there are many companies that are experimenting to bring hologram into consumer production line.

8. Elysium

What you saw in this movie is that humans are divided into two groups. One live in Elysium, a nice habitat far from earth. And the less fortunate ones live on earth wearing an exoskeleton. We are already hearing Elon Must thinking to colonize Mars and the powered exoskeletons are already in use. You may even get to buy one for less than 5,000 dollars soon.

These movie predictions have been actualized while others have been rumored to be coming soon. Have some of them been added to the black box of modern inventions?


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