7 Best Zombie Games for Xbox One

Nothing is as mind blowing as watching a horrific movie, and it moves to a new level if you get to play the part of the actors in such nerve-numbing games as Zombie games. Feelings like you are meeting the dead first hand and knocking them out of your way is enthralling. This is what zombie games are all about, taking players to the war front and putting them head-to-head with rotten Zombies. You cannot fight the urge to play on to new levels.

Xbox One Zombie Game

Now, there are many zombie games for Xbox One, but we have only listed the best seven from the last couple of years. These 7 games are rated highly by the critics as well as the users. Check them out below. We have also listed some of the upcoming games that you can pre order. 

7 Best Zombie Games for Xbox One

In the city of Harran, this game places you in the position of Kyle Crane. He is a government undercover official on a mission to retrieve a secret file from a Zombie territory. This mission is all about first person combat against different types of Zombies. Those zombies can spit acid on you, others that can run fast and jump high and others that explode when they are near you. It doesn’t end with the Zombies, you also have thugs on your way too.

These are much stronger and outwit the normal Zombies you meet often; they can hide, take cover and even get offensive with close range and long range weapons. Make it through to unlock the Grappling hook and you are a level higher, you can soar high and far and can beat your challengers to the game. Zombie games are tough sometimes, but the Dying Light is one to reckon.

In this game, you bear the heavy duty of Adam Kane, as the commander in charge throughout the game. However, you are not all alone in the fight; other characters as Fallen Angel (Angel Quijano) are also in the fight as she tries to protect her survivor against the menace of these dead heads. The display may not be of the quality in 360P or play station, but this game still offers enough package of variety that can bring the thrill home by the time you complete.

The kill counter may give you a satisfactory sense of victory, but the challenge is undeniably one of the greatest in Zombie games that any novice player would want to feature in and feel the tension. The other interesting part about this game is that you can also work with a co-op in the challenge and it still has to be great the same old way.

3. Dead Island

(Definitive Collection)

Dead Island

Dead Island definitive collection is a combination of three games, Dead Island, Dead Island Reptide and Dead Island Dead Island Retro Revenge. If you are looking for some combat, then this game is for you. This collection is based on playing from the first person perspective, where you have to fight for survival in the Zombie-infested Banoi Island. You can assume the position of one of the four main actors who are immune to the Zombie virus. Then you can team up with and gear against the enemy to make it day by day.

Several weapons as knives and machetes come in handy in bringing the enemy to their knees or eliminate them altogether. However, these weapons are of limited lifespan, although they are still repairable. Keep going, collecting experience points and gaining new abilities and skills, which take you to new levels. This collection may not be the best out there, but it still has an action.

This is the latest release in the long running sequence of the game. Although RE5 is not all about survival horror, it still features the tension built thrill which is a tradition of RE. This game runs on co-operative game play, giving you a fun-filled experience, but the tension here will keep you with a bated breath all through. This game features Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, who battle horrific enemies in an African nation of Kijuju where they had gone to stop a weapon dealer’s mission, only to stumble into infected residents.

This game is a bit slower; you will have to stop to make a shot, which is ideal for dealing with the less fast enemies. If you are the type that goes for the fast-paced moves and attacks, then this game may not be your best choice, but you can still make the best out of its steady pace with time.

Although RE6 suffers a bit of remarkable identity crisis, this Zombie game is nonetheless a great one. The game features four in depended campaigns in which seven characters are distributed. Each of these campaigns has its own beginning and end, building more on suspense that unfolds through the different campaigns, which makes its plot unique. The horrific character of this game will keep you on your toes to the very end. Coming head-to-head with a weird beast, or witnessing a monstrous creature turn captured hostages into zombies with a life consuming breath is overwhelming.

However, all these in a day’s work, this game really give you the thrill you would seek in any Zombie game, and its story telling comes out to be one of a kind. The only shortcoming that drags the fun here is a number of repetitions of cut sequences as well as highs and lows that make the game lose a substantial level of its touch.

This game’s seasons are based on Robert Kirkman’s books. This is an ideal option for those who do not have speed for the game. However, decisions and action are critical in this game, which are determinants of the result you are seeking. More interestingly, you do not have to play season one to graduate to playing season 2. The most stunning thing about this game is its outstanding display of action and appeal to emotions that will take you away.

The action in this game comes from Hershel’s farm and does not develop from any definite plot nor do the characters here have any exit goal to accomplish. They are in this farm to stay, with one and only achievement ahead of them, to survive these zombies menace and ensure they see the next day. The Walking Dead Season 2 is the action every gamer would want on their collection.

Zombie games list cannot be complete without a mention of this challenging combat. With 15 missions that you have to fight back-to-back, you have the chance to prevail in the survival challenge, but the opponents here will give it to you rough. When talking of Zombie games, this is one of the best horrific and gores experience games that will keep you breathless to the end. As Hitler is on the verge of losing the war and at wits end, he calls on the creepiest of his soldiers, and you are on duty to wipe them out.

The best part is that you can choose to take on them all alone, or use a co-op of 2-4 aids online. Whichever way, you will come face to face with snipers out there, armed with 25 lethal weapons and ready to play rough. Moreover, it also features reward systems for achievements like long shots and utilization of bullets and the fun keeps going.

Xbox One Zombie Games that You Can Pre-order

1. Dead Rising 4

Release Date: 06 Dec 2016

Dead Rising 4

2. Resident Evil 7

Release Date: 24 Jan 2017

Resident Evil 7

3. The Walking Dead 3

Release Date: 31 Dec 2017

The Walking Dead 2017 Xbox One

Zombie games are a great pastime, getting the chance to enter uncharted territories and to fight on the most horrific war fronts can’t come any closer. Although some of these games come with a considerable number of shortcomings, you can still count on them for great time and endless fun.

Living the thrill first hand is the best way to go, if you are weary of watching starring in movies; this is a great way to take to the battlefront yourself and enjoy a lot. 

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