7 Sites Like GoFundMe for Fund Raising

GoFundMe is a website that allows users to create a page and describe their causes for raising money. There are lots of other sites like GoFundMe to raise fund for a personal cause. The business model of these websites is to allow people to donate others and taking a percentage from the donated amount.

Sites Like Go Fund Me for Online Giving

The percentage of charges vary from website to website. Below is a list of the top 7 Personal Fundraising Sites Like Go Fund Me that you can use for a personal cause.

1. YouCaring

YouCaring is one of the best platforms for personal fundraising. Unlike GoFundMe, YouCaring does not charge fees for using their website. They only require you to pay a 2.9% fee for credit card processing and $0.30 per transaction.

You should keep in mind that these two amounts of fees are standard for a majority of platforms. For example, GoFundMe charges 5% extra to use their platform along with the credit card processing fee, although its one of the best personal fundraising platforms.

2. GiveForward

GiveForward enables you to fund raise for causes such as medical expenses, medical equipment, and living expenses as a result of injury or terminal illness; Started August 14, 2008, in Chicago Illinois, it’s popular with people who fund raise for causes such as paying medical bills for loved ones.

Their website charges are 5% and 2.9% and $0.50 per transaction for your payment processing. They also offer platforms for fundraising causes for funeral expenses and memorial funds.

3. Fundly

If you are searching for a personal fundraising site with a user-friendly interface, Fundly is the site. One advantage that Fundly offers to you is they reward high performing fundraising platforms with discounted rates.

For example, if your personal fundraising platform gets over $50000, they charge you 4.4% instead of 4.9% for using their platform. Their other expenses are 3.0% for credit card processing.

4. FundRazr

FundRazr is similar to Indiegogo in that it has multiple fundraising platforms. They range from projects for paying medical bills to creative projects. One advantage when using FundRazr is that they always keep the raised money.

You also have no time limit to carry out your fundraising activities.Its project page design is also better when compared to GoFundMe as the text is easier to read. FundRazr charges recipients 5% of the collections and a payment processing fee of 2.9% and $0.50 per transaction.

5. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is another personal fundraising platform. You can use it to fund raise for causes such as medical expenses, technology, gaming, and filming. Their platform charges vary if you achieve your targets. That is 4% for meeting your causes target and 9% if you don’t have a target.

Indiegogo charges between 3-5% rates for your credit card processing fee, depending on the financial institution used. If you happen to raise funds for causes not in the US, a $25 will be charged if the funds are in US dollars through direct credit cards. These funds are then wired in lump sum amounts to a select non-US bank once the fundraising has achieved its goals.

6. Rally.org

If you want a free platform for personal fundraising, Rally.org is the website. You can use their platform to create a page for your cause, which the site names “Rally”. You can also share your story through photos, videos and blog entries.

One advantage of Rally.org is that it processes payments directly as compared to other platforms that use third-party payment platforms, For example, using Amazon and PayPal platforms. You can also donate to multiple causes and campaigns without having to re-enter the payment information. That through their one-click payment feature.

They also enable users to embed a link for donations to their images and videos. That feature is called covers. It allows you promote your campaigns on social media. Their platform also enables you to analyze user responses to an individual post.

To allow fundraisers to achieve their targets, Rally.org provides them with data analytics tools. Their charge includes 5.75% from each donation. That includes payments to credit card companies.

7. FundAnything (Out of Service)

FundAnything is another platform that you can use for personal fundraising for various causes. Its platform is designed to be user-friendly and takes about fifteen minutes for one to setup a campaign.

You can use it to fund raise for these website causes such as medical, creative arts and business ventures. It’s free to launch a campaign on this site, but their other pricing structure is different.

They charge 9% fee on campaigns that don’t achieve their targets and transaction fees of 3%.You can avoid these high fees by setting up a goal that you can manage to make. This website is becoming popular and is one you should consider.

What to Look Out For When Raising Funds

You should look for a personal fundraising platform that has accessible platforms to use. You should also check these fundraising online platforms and check out about their online reviews and amount of donations that they have been able to raise.

Customer service is another factor that you should consider. That’s because these situations require contributions. You don’t want bad customer care service ruining the chances of you achieving your targets.

Another area to look out for is the recipient’s ease of withdrawing donations. That’s because these fundraising platforms are for critically injured people, terminally ill people or students waiting to join program’s which have timelines.

You should also check out your state’s or country’s rules regarding donations. That’s especially in these times that terrorism has become a threat to security. Many governments have set up laws to guard against money laundering and individuals who take this opportunity to fund terrorist organizations.

The above guide for personal fundraising websites like GoFundMe should make it easier to choose a platform for fundraising. Many people are contributing financially to individuals in need and various other causes through these online platforms. What you should look out for is genuine fundraising websites. You can also share out the many photos and videos available on these sites to create awareness.