5 Best Nail Guns for Fencing

When the need for repair or another construction work arises, fastening objects and materials is something that will come up in the process, and this calls for the need for nailing. When using a hammer is one of the options to get the job done, this process might take a lot of time, and result in several injuries due to smashed fingers. Moreover, you will not get the best results due to inaccurate hammer targeting which makes the need to get a nail gun a better option.

Using a Nail Gun

With a nail gun, you can be sure to get the job completed fast and with little effort and accidents. As such, when you decide to get a nailer, you will want to get the best, and one to render service for a prolonged time.

To help you save the time of getting the best nailer, we have reviewed some of the best nails guns on the market, and these are based on several features to enable you to get the best one to handle your projects. Have a look, as the guide also includes the answers to some of the questions you will need to be answered before getting one of these.

A Quick Look at The Best Nailers for Fencing

Fencing Nailer Buying Guide

1. Power source - What type of energy do you expect your nailer to use to enable you to shoot the nails? Note that you will come across gas-powered nailers and air-powered shooting guns. The gas-powered nailers use a fuel cell as well as a rechargeable battery. With them, you will never need a cord which makes highly convenient. On the other hand, the air-powered models need an air compressor to function, and with them, you will have to deal with cords when working. The gas powered are however expensive when compared to the pneumatic nailers.

2. Depth Adjustment - The depth adjustment feature is yet another feature worth considering, more importantly, if you need a nailer for use in a variety of projects. This feature lets you control the depth in which the nail will go deep in the surface. This makes it ideal for tough and soft projects to help you ensure that you will not cause damage to them.

3. Jam-clearing system - Just like other tools and machines that use an input-output system when working, nail guns are likely to jam when functioning. This leads to a slower process when it places the gun at a risk of getting damaged. To ensure that you have smooth projects, it is crucial that you get a nailer with this feature to enable you to solve the problem fast.

4. An adjustable air exhaust - When nailers are functioning, they emit air on the rear end. This air can get in your way of work if there is no means by which you can direct it away from your face. To get the best nail gun, ensure that you can get one with a 360-degree adjustable air exhaust so that it allows you to direct air away from the face so that it does not interrupt with your job.

5. Durability - To determine the strength of the nail gun you get, check its construction to determine if the materials can hold up to the task you want to undertake. Also, seek to find out if there are other safety measures incorporated to keep the nailer protected at all times. Getting a durable nailer will let you forego the need to replace it sooner or repair it after simple projects.

6. Comfort/ Ergonomics - Will the nailer you get leave you comfortable even after long projects? A good nail gun should feature a lightweight design as well as a grip handle that makes it comfortable to hold even during long projects. So, ensure that you get a nailer that is lightweight and one with an ergonomic grip especially when you need it for long projects. 

Review of The 5 Best Nail Guns for Fencing

Now that you about the things you need to look for when buying a Nail Gun for Fencing, it's time for the actual reviews. I hope it will be much easier for you to choose one after you are done reading. 

Hitachi NR90AES1

Outfitted with a new head guard design, this nailer allows you to disassemble it fast and easily during tool Maintainance. It is ideal for driving plastic collated nails that measure 2" to 3-1/2". It has a 10 pounds while it features a rubber grip.

As such, it is lightweight and comfortable to hold making it ideal for long projects where you have to hold the nailer all day. Despite being lightweight, it delivers the power of more substantial and bulkier nailers making it ideal for a wide variety of projects.

Whats more is that it features a selective actuation switch. With this, you can be sure to have an easy time when you want to change between sequential and contact nailing making it user-friendly. The nailer features a two-piece anodized aluminum magazine that makes repairs and replacements easy without requiring much experience.

Moreover, it incorporates a two-step nail loading which makes reloading it a fast and quick process. You can countersink or flush drive into a variety of materials when using it due to the tool-less depth adjustment.

NuMax SFR2190

The NuMax SFR2190 21 degree framing nailer features a design that uses 21-degree nails ranging from 2" to 3.5". It has a die-cast magnesium body that not only makes it durable but also lightweight.

As such, you can be sure to use during lengthy construction projects and be assured to remain comfortable. With an interchangeable trigger, the unit allows you to single or contact fire. Hence, you can choose between single firing for accurate placement and bump fire for quick shooting.

Additionally, this framing gun allows you to keep air away from the face while working. Thanks to the 360-degree adjustable exhaust. Another plus is that the unit will always let you give a professional finish. This is due to the No-Mar tip that protects surfaces from dings and dents to ensure a professional finish.

Even better, you can remove the tip to expose the teeth for a secure grip on the wood to enhance secure firing. With this framing gun, you can customize the firing depth for each project to ensure a consistent driving depth due to the featured depth adjustment knob.

The tool is comfortable to use considering that it features an ergonomic grip to enhance a secure grip while proving anti-vibration comfort. More to this is that it has an air filter also referred as an anti-dust cap. With this, you can be sure to have your unit safe when working in a dusty environment since this acts to protect dust from accessing the inside parts of the nailer.

It also features an anti-dry fire that enables it to prevent internal damage. This is because this feature stops the nails from firing when they are low. Hence, you have to load the unit again to make it go back to regular functionality. You can use the nailer for several projects including fencing, framing, siding installation, wood box assembly, among other projects.

Freeman PFR2190

This is a 21º plastic collated full-head framing nailer. It holds the nails together with a thin strip of plastic so that you will never have issues of metal frying around thereby enhancing your safety. The nailer features a magazine that fits nails that measure 2" to 3-1/2" long making it perfect for use with a variety of projects.

Additionally, it includes a 360-degree adjustable air exhaust. This enables it to keep away air from your face while working, at the same time keeping debris away thereby giving you a cool working area. With this unit, you can be sure to have accurate results when working since it features an interchangeable trigger that lets you choose between single fire for an accurate placement and bump-fire for fast firing.

You can use the nailer for a variety of projects including sub-floors, wood box assembly, wall sheathing, framing, among other projects due to the depth adjustment feature that lets you adjust the firing depth to fit your project. Even better, you can use the nailer without worrying about damaging the surfaces you are working on. Thanks to the no-mar tip that protects the work surface from dings and dents.

The nailer features a magnesium construction that makes it lightweight and durable. Whats more is an ergonomic grip that is a big plus to enable you to use it for an extended time without worrying about getting fatigued.

The nailer is built to last. This due to the air filter that keeps the internal parts protected from elements that can cause damage to it. More to that is that it features the anti-dry fire technology so that it does not fire when the nails get too low. As such, you can be sure to have its parts protected from damaging assuring you of getting the best value for money.

Numax SFR3490

As one of the best nailers in our review, this unit offers a cost-effective alternative to let you handle your home improvement projects. It is lightweight and features a rubber comfort grip handle which lets you use it with ease even with projects that run over a prolonged period. 

Whats more is that it includes an anti-dust cap and an internal air filter. This ensures that no elements will access the interior of the nailer to protect it from damage. Additionally, it comes with a no-mar tip which helps to protect your surfaces from dents making it a great choice to enable you to give a professional finish. The nailer features a magnesium body so that it is durable in addition to being lightweight and uses 2" to 3-1/2" nails making it ideal for various projects.

It has an anti-dry fire feature that lets it stop firing when the nails are low to prevent damage to it. As such, you will need to add some nails to the magazine to keep the machine working normally. You can get the nailer for a variety of projects including sheathing, framing, remodeling, among other projects. This is due to the depth adjustment feature that lets you customize the firing depth of each project to enable you to achieve consistent results.

Valu-Air 9021C

As one of the best fencing nail guns, this unit features a 0.113" to 0.148" shank diameter that is plastic or wire collated to assure you of safety when using it. This diameter can hold 2" to 3-1/2" nails making it ideal for use with a variety of projects. Additionally, the nailer has a tool-free depth adjustment which lets you customize the firing depth based on the project type to make it deliver perfect results in different activities.

Besides being functional, the nailer is constructed to ensure durability. This is due to the sturdy die-cast aluminum housing that enhances durability while making it lightweight to enable you to handle it with a lot of ease. Whats more is a solid rear-loading aluminum magazine that helps to enhance strength.

The nailer features a non-slip grip handle that makes it comfortable to use for long projects. More to that, it has a heat treated drive guide that helps to ensure a long life of internal wearable parts. You can get it for various projects including framing floors, walls, roofs, wall sheathing, sub-flooring, decking, among other activities.

What are the Types of Nail Guns?

• Framing Nailer - This is a rugged framing nail gun designed for large wood projects such as fencing, house building, deck building, and other construction projects. You can use it to shoot 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" long nails into hardwoods, spruce, hard pines, among other woods. You can also it for industrial use and building frames of houses.

• Roofing nailer - As the name suggests, this nailer is suitable for use with roofing projects. It requires a coil pack of nails where the nails feature a large head shape that helps to hold down the soft fiberglass shingles. More to that, the nailer features a depth-drive adjustment that allows you to control the depth of the nail to avoid too much pressure that can result in damage to the shingles.

• Flooring nailer - Same as the roofing nailer that is used with roofing projects, this nail gun is ideal for flooring projects. It helps to reduce the number the number of hours you spend nailing the floors in place. It uses the power of air to shoot the nails thereby enabling you to use less force and time during such projects.

• Finishing nailer - These guns can be used in a variety of tasks including trimming, light-duty woodwork, cabinetry, among other activities. The nailer uses a wide selection of nails and incorporates a power dial which helps to make the results neat and fast.

• Brad Nailer - These nailers can often be confused with a finish gun. They are great for woodworking projects such as cabinetry, and you can also use them for trim work. The difference between this nailer and a finishing gun is that it has a straight nail rail whereas the finish gun has an angled nail rail. Moreover, brand nails feature a bigger head and a thicker shank while compared those of a finishing gun.

Safety Tips for Using Nail Guns

1. Learn how the nailer functions - What mechanism does the nailer incorporate when shooting nails into surfaces? This is the first step to ensuring that you are safe when using the nailer. Get to know how it operates and how to use it to ensure your safety at all times.

2. Wear the right gear - Based on the project you are working on, ensure that you have the right protective gear. Failing to wear the proper clothing can result in an accident which might cause you to mishandle the nailer and result in more serious injury.

3. Inspect the surfaces to be nailed before getting to work - While you might be hoping that you will get the surface to be nailed with the nail gun you want to purchase, this might end up wrong when you find out that the surface if harder than you expected. This means that the nails are likely to bounce back after shooting which can result in an accident. To avoid this, first check on the surface you want to nail, and ensure that the nail can penetrate through easily.

4. Pay attention to the place you want to nail - When using a nail gun, it is crucial that you pay attention to the surface that you want to nail. Note that when you do not pay full attention, you are likely to nail a wrong wall or even direct the nail to someone in the place of work. So, ensure that you can concentrate at all times to make sure that you will not miss a surface.

We also recommend that you check out this nail gun safety guide from CDC.

Final Verdict

The nailers reviewed above are worth your hard-earned money. They are built to last, ensure your safety and comfort, protect the surfaces under repair, as well enable you to handle a variety of projects. To select the best nail gun that will suit your desires, consider your needs and how well the nailer fits to satisfy those needs based on its features, and finally get the nailer within your budget.

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