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How Much Does Netflix Cost

Netflix is a streaming provider, which allows subscribers to view a wide selection of TV programs, movies, and more recently exclusive programs made only for Netflix. People can subscribe to different packages that will give them access to the same programs yet cost differing amounts of money due to the variation in video quality and the number of devises that can use the service at the same time from anywhere.

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Of course the more money a subscriber pays every month the better the quality of films and programs they can view. You can rent blu rays and DVDs via post or stream them online.

So, How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Now the basic question that everybody asks is how much is Netflix? Netflix currently has 3 packages with 3 different prices.

How much is Netflix? Plans and Prices

1. Basic (Standard Video) – $7.99

There is the basic package that allows you to view everything that is available on Netflix yet you have limited picture quality. With the lowest priced package you only view films and programs in standard definition. If you are watching through an older computer or non-HD TV set you might not even notice the difference in picture quality. This package starts at $7.99 a month.

2. Standard (HD Video) – $9.99

The middle package is the standard package. To go along having access to the whole library of programs on Netflix you can view it all in full glorious HD. For the extra cost compared to the basic package you are able to be on Netflix with two different devices at a time. The standard package costs $9.99 each month.

3. Premium (Ultra HD Video) – $11.99

Finally there is the premium package, probably best suited for larger family groups, or even a shared house. The premium package allows you to have four different users logged into Netflix all at the same time. With this package you have access to the Netflix films that are available in 4K HD picture quality. The premium package costs from $11.99.

I hope this post answered your question how much does Netflix cost. Please note that streaming packages can be combined with renting blu rays or DVDs only in the US. Also note that, prices can change anytime.

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