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How to Wipe an iPhone and Clear Cache

As iPhone memory gets used up it slows down requiring a check for data usage. Running apps, unwanted temporary files, and junk files might be part of what’s eating up your iPhone’s memory. Knowing how to wipe an iPhone is one way to bring your device back life.

how to wipe an iphone clean and clear cache on iphone permanently


With the increase in identity theft, you should delete all history logs permanently from your iPhone. Besides theft, your iPhone gathers unnecessary data from app activities to create cache files and eat up memory space.
After deleting from phone storage you discover not all files get deleted permanently. You need reliable software to clear iPhone cache. Having a solution like dr. fone erase (iOS) helps you delete data permanently without the hope of recovery. Excited customers with over 150 million downloads can’t be wrong about the true value derivable from dr. fone erase (iOS).

Fix: How to Wipe an iPhone

Using an iPhone eraser like dr. fone erase (iOS) can help clean out your phone. However, remember to back up your iPhone files before commencing.

Step 1:
Make sure to visit dr. fone erase (iOS) site, download application, and install on your iPhone and PC.
Step 2:
Go to your desktop to launch the Dr. Fone tool kit and click on Erase icon.
Step 3:
Connect your iPhone and PC using USB cables. Use high-grade lightning cables to minimize fluctuations during data transfer.
Step 4:
Once it detects your iPhone device then go to the left pane and click on, ‘Erase All Data’.
Step 5:
Click on the ‘Start button’ to commence erasing your iPhone data permanently.
Step 6:
You have three security options in the dialogue box –

High level – 3 times
Medium level – 1 time
Low level – 1 time

The security level determines how likely the data can be recovered. Therefore, the lower the security level the more likely it is the iPhone data can be recovered. However, select the medium level security option on dr. fone erase (iOS) to erase iPhone data. It offers a low risk of data recovery. Using High-level security takes a longer time to complete the erasing process.

Step 7:
To delete iPhone data permanently without the option for recovery, type zero digits six times (000000) and scroll to the bottom to click, ‘Erase Now’.
Step 8:
Wait, while the dr. fone erase (iOS) permanently wipes your iPhone data and displays the message, ‘Erase Successfully’. Ensure the device remains connected all through the erasing process to avoid error or discontinuation of the process.
Step 9:
Click ‘Ok’ for the system to reboot and refresh all changes made.

Congratulations, dr. fone erase (iOS) has successfully wiped out all data as well as settings from your iPhone or iPad. It should display the details of what was erased from your iPhone and the percentage completion. Details include apps, iTunes music, and movies, photos, private and advanced data. Remember, it can never be recovered haven gotten to this step. Now you know how to wipe an iPhone clean and let me show you how to clear cache on iPhone.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

Step 1:
Have dr. fone erase (iOS) downloaded and installed on your PC.
Step 2:
Launch the application and select the ‘Erase’ option to the top right corner.
Step 3:
Get a secure USB lightning cable to connect the iPhone to your PC and click ‘iOS Optimizer’.
Step 4:
Pick the option that needs cache cleared- junk files, app, photos, or large files and ‘Start Scan’.
Step 5:
Once the scan is completed, select ‘Clean’ to begin clearing cache files on your iPhone.
Step 6:
After clean-up completion, it should display the amount of device memory re-acquired. Your iPhone should perform better now with more memory space. Congratulations, now you know how to clear the cache on the iPhone successfully.

Features of Dr. Fone Erase (iOS)

Dr. fone erase (iOS) offers the perfect solution to wipe data permanently irrespective of whether it is iPhone iOS 12/12.3, 11, 10.3, 9 and later. Here are some exceptional features in Dr. fone erase (iOS):

  • Clear cache files
  • Clean private chat history
  • Selectively clean data under six categories
  • Fast and easy to understand steps
  • Access to erase third-party app data on LINE, WhatsApp, Wechat history, Viber, Kik.
  • Clears current and deleted iPhone data
  • Clears contacts, note, calendar, reminder, photos, videos, attachment, messages, call history, etc.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows operating system.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Before erasing, Allows user preview data.
  • Free up 75% photo spaces by compressing photos.
  • Can export and backup large files
  • Clean out junk files
  • Supports all file types

Other Unique Benefits of Dr. fone erase (iOS):

  • data recovery or repairs
  • Device to PC data transfer or backup
  • device unlock
  • iOS data privacy

Dr. fone erase (iOS) offers an easy to use software to wipe the iPhone clean and clear cache on iPhone permanently. With its robust platform, easy-to-use interface and excellent customer support iPhone users can enjoy optimized device performance. Also, keep data safe from theft always with iPhone iOS 9 and later versions.

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