The Last of Us Part 2 Adds Settings to Favor Players With Disabilities

The Last of Us Part 2 is due on June 19, and every gamer is looking forward to the launch. While it’s going to be an amazing continuation of part I, to people with disabilities, it means much more than that.

the last of us part 2 new settings for disabled

The PlayStation 4 game features more than 60 accessibility settings that give persons with disabilities a better gaming experience. It comes with expanded options centred on fine-motor and hearing, and completely new features to favour low-vision and blind players.

According to Steve Imlor, the Blind Impressions player, it’s going to be “the most accessible game ever.”

Most of the features have been designed to work together. There are three accessibility presets for all the proposed settings (hearing, vision, and motor accessibility), to help players choose options relevant to their needs. It’s a favourable starting point for every gamer, and you can proceed to modify individual options after selecting a preset.

The preset for vision-impaired players includes an improved listen mode that directs you on the buttons to press, and with enhanced sound effects, you don’t need the visuals to play the game. Each text displayed on the screen features text-to-speech so that it’s read out to the gamer.

Other features include a high-contrast display that conspicuously highlights the characters and traversal and combat audio cues, making it easier to switch between combat modes. There’s also a skip puzzle option.

For players with hearing disability, there are menus such as awareness indicators, pick-up notifications, combat vibration cues, dodge prompts, guitar vibration cues, subtitles for both story and combat, including subtitle names, and many more. With combat vibration cues, you can proceed to the next move even if you can’t perceive the changes in music or sound signals.

The motor accessibility preset includes an auto-weapon swap, camera assist, lock-on aim, auto pick up, a navigation and traversal assistance, and many more. Also, you can choose from available combat adjustments based on your specific need.

Apart from adding new features and settings in favour of persons with disabilities, for the first time, PlayStation is offering full control customization in a Naughty Dog game. With this, a player can assign commands to varying controller inputs, touchpad swipes, and controller shake included. Also, there are specific options to turn every button hold into a toggle, and each rapid press into a hold.

With new features and accessibility settings specifically designed to favour individuals with disabilities, there’s no doubt the Last of Us Part 2 is bringing change in the gaming landscape.

In most cases, video game accessibility isn’t focused on addressing the specific needs of players, but rather the gaming software. As such, people with special needs find it hard to manoeuvre most gaming software.

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